Hi Everyone... Thank You!!!!


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I know I have upset some of you and I great and honestly apologize. I have been in such a hard place for a long time, its taken me a while to snap out of it and quit being everyone's puppet. I finally have gotten "off my booty" and quit crying..ok, still complaining though" and have succeeded in some things. My son will be further tested, daughter will be if grades slip or any other signs I will take her, and flat out told her! But new medications again for son, need to be adjusted higher. Im looking for a job again, got denied a couple( not Spanish speaking and other was no experience) But its ok, Ill find something or I will start my own little cleaning business of sorts? Just until I find a job. Oh, school starts for me In Dec( or June, depends on when I have the job)!!!

Things were smooth for a bit, but got rough once he was off his pills, but one day at a time, but at full speed now. Its what I say or want to be tested, ( which is everything to make sure what is or isnt) and yes, different doctors, Pysch Dr etc are coming into the picture now. I still am taking every last word you all have said and advice, and yes, using them.

Anyways, I just wanted to let all of you know that you got through to a very cement block headed chic, and wanted to officially thank all of you. I have many, ( most posts I regret writing on here) and wish they can all be gone with. I know my family and I have a long ways to go, but, Im trying.

So, I wanted to add, Im sorry for all the losses and health and family issues you all have had,and wishing you all brighter and happier days ahead. I have been reading some threads and signed in a few times.. but never had the guts to write this until now. I really really want know you all to know you all saved us. You stood by us when doctors and even some family wouldn't, words can never thank you for helping us, as well as putting up with me.

Hugs all, you will always be in my thoughts.

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You never upset me. I'm glad you are feeling like you have a good grasp of things right now!! I love the positivity in your post!


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I don't remember you upsetting anyone.

I just thought you took on too much so I gave advice. You never have to take anyone's advice. It didn't annoy me to hear about your life though or tick me off. Where did you get the idea we felt that way?? It's not true. You are just another struggling mom, like all the rest of us and we are here for you, holding your hand.


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Wiped Out- Thank you, Im trying to be positive. I mean, its been a rough road but I keep trying! Thank you

MidwestMom- I have/am taken on so much, too much. I mean, even been trying to write a schedule of sorts and everything overlaps, I really have been at a breaking point. I know I dont have to take anyone's advice, but you all gave me the right advice. I came here for help and I got it :) I think its I been so harsh on myself because of how people ( not you all here) in my life viewed me, as well as viewing myself through everything I been through , mistakes etc. Looking back on my posts( trying to, its hard to find since I deleted my account and came back!!) I was/ in a sense still am an emotional wreck. But, my kids are my life and no mater how they view me, I need to know I did everything in the world I could do for them. They need to know that too. ( son said something Im in shock over last night but I dont know if I should post here again- many reasons- not u all but me, like I say too much etc) Thank you, I wish theres something I can do for you all here. :)

Thank you both for responding :)


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Hi Confused. You certainly never annoyed or upset me in any way! You don't owe anyone an apology. I'm happy to hear you feel a little more on course and in control. Long may it last! Please feel free to post whatever is in your mind!! Peace out! :)