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tina duann

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Hi, sorry it has been a while. Everything is still going good. I officially quit smoking today :bravo:. I am doing real good so far. It is sleeting and snowing here :smile:. The difficult child's are home and I hope I can make it through the day with them :wildone:. I have plenty of hard candy to get me through. I am still working and everything is great there too.
I just wanted to give everyone an update. I try to read as many post as I can but I am real busy right know. I have been putting in a lot of overtime in. I am still managing work,classes and the kids.

hearts and roses

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Hi Tina! I'm so happy that things continue to improve for you and yours. Congratulations! :bravo:

Also, good luck with the quitting smoking...I am ashamed to say I try every week and have failed :blush:. Maybe I could borrow some of your attitude and get motivated! :warrior:

Have a wonderful, sparkling day and enjoy that snow and sleet - sure wish we'd get some. :smile:
Hi there,

It's good to "see" ya!

I'm glad that things are going so well.

Quitting smoking on a no-school snow day - :wildone: :wildone: - you are a very brave woman! Stay strong - you can do it!

{{{{ HUGS }}}}


tina duann

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Thanks everyone. I am so tired tonight. I worked 2 12 hour days and I need some rest. I am off tomorrow but I have to work 10 hours on sunday and I didnt even look at the rest of the schedule. But I really enjoy my job. I have alot of fun.


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Tina, you sound just great.

I am glad, really glad, that things are going well for you. You went through so much, and have come through it so well.

I admire you for that, Tina.

You must be a very strong woman.

And you know what they say.

Every one of us who stands up and takes her life back into her own hands is a living example to those who are still suffering.

Congratulations, Tina.

Wishing you every success.