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    Hello everyone!!! I haven't posted in awhile, I have been busy.. Things are still going good with boyfriend... Things with the difficult child is another story, He has gone back to not listen and the corner don't work no more.. But things can't get worse..

    I am still taking my medications.. To keep me calm and there are days I feel like I am going off the deep end.. THE xanax helps alot and so does the zolft... I have been stressed alot lately.. Just normal everyday things I guess..

    My 4 of july was good went to the beach and watch the fireworks.. difficult child was good that day for the mosr part.. I couldn't believe it we had to pay 15.00 dollars for parking, But I guess thats the price you pay if you want to go to the beach on the forth of july..

    I hope everyone's 4 of july went good and I hope you all are well..
  2. Andy

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    Welcome back Baby Blue! Is your sister still there? How is the job search going? Give your sweet little difficult child a hug from me. He must be busy exploring these days - what does he like to do?
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    <<<Gentle hugs>>> glad you had a good day on the 4th, it was pretty rainy here in NJ
  4. Hound dog

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    Nice to see you again.
  5. tryinghard

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    I have been wondering how you have been. Hang in there! HUGS