Hilarious Story From daughter's Work


Roll With It
J works across from the county jail. The air conditioning broke down yesterday so the doors were open. Suddenly she hears a lot of loud cheering. She gets up to go see what it is.

There is a teenage boy, about 18, being released to loud cheers from his parents and most of his friends. J hears him say "Mom, you weren't supposed to come down here for this!".

Mom: "What? I'm not supposed to celebrate my baby boy's first DUI?" (Mom is holding a BIG banner!)

Mom then announces that she is taking all of the friends who were NOT out drinking with her son out to breakfast. Dad will be taking Baby Boy home.

Son was heard to tell Older Brother "Dude, you weren't supposed to tell her about this!"

Older Brother: "I'm your brother, and I'm loyal, but only to a point. She's my mom too, and she scares me a whole lot more than you do. No way I was not telling her about this. She would KILL me!"

I laughed so hard at this!!!! I knew you would too! This is a Mom who knows how to handle a kid.

With a Mom like that, I would be terrified to see what she would do for 2nd DUI. Marching band? Firing Squad? Horde of Senior Citizens with Chore Lists and Canes to Whomp You for Slow Performance?