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    S/O had called a place yesterday and was told to come in today to drop a resume. He was hired on the spot. He came home and made my entire day, heck my YEAR. He sits down (he always messes with me!) and says "Nice to FINALLY get some "Re-Schpect". I just got my butt KISSED". I was so happy to see him smile that I was all giddy for me. He says one or two sentences, I stop him cold. "Did you get HIRED?!?!?!" He acts all calm and says Yup. Better than the offer that fell through. I can start any day I want. You won't BELIEVE the salary and benefits". I think I EXPLODED out of my seat to leap on him. Landed in his lap. A few minutes until we could talk about it ;) (too much information but thats what happens when you finally have good news after nearly THREE YEARS!)

    Smallest most specialist company he ever applied for. I swear it was made for my S/O's resume and its almost strange the perfect fit. 100% benefits coverage. Never laid off even in biggest economic downturns. Even then they didn't limit OVERTIME. Which by the way is NOT mandatory but is allowable ANY TIME and right now we can be earning over $60 an hour during overtime and he starts Thursday morning. Only 16 employees, they all introduced themselves, welcomed him. Their company website beside their logo is the owners little boy in a hard hat. It's a family company. They look out for each other and are close knit. They kind of all "approved him" before he got offered the job. I KNEW my S/O was lovable ;).

    We never even until a few days ago heard of this gem employer and I've lived here my entire life. The lost job offer?? A BLESSING!!!!! What WAS thought to be the best position he could find here was NOT the case. Perhaps someone was looking out for him with this. They had a HUGE discussion about what makes their small place unique to allow them to be unaffected by economics etc. They are so specialized that even in the worst of times, jobs from round the world have only 4-5 places that they can get this stuff from, and this place has one specialized piece of custom equipment making them the only place in the world that can build certain things, literally the ONLY option. They keep employees strong, pay HIGH, make overtime a limitless option, and never have to worry about disaster of global politics, trends and down cycles in the field.

    Can you TELL how PROUD I am of him? He literally is turning 40 in 2 weeks and this is the FIRST time he's getting a position that TRULY demonstrates his worth. That salary and overtime number I mentioned? Thats for the PROBATION period. It jumps A LOT in 3 months and then consistent raises every 3 months to a max top out after 18 months. Then yearly cost of living etc raises.

    Our wedding? No problem now. The house across the street we've been DYING to buy? In a few months of catching up stuff, we can put in a offer. A first HOME for both of us. I can't WAIT to tell my neighbors (they took it off market but want to sell to move to country, it is reduced HUGE due to the hoarder on our nice street being directly next to them, no buyers, we actually like the poor hoarder, the reduction is a huge incentive).

    I feel horrid to brag and rave here when I know that so many are struggling and so many fears are out there for everyone with the current events economically. Please don't hate me. I had to tell all of you, because, well you're all you.

    I'm off to take my S/O out to a celebratory dinner. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    OMG!!!! HOW COOL!!!

    :happyguy: :happyguy: :happyguy:

    Do NOT feel bad, we all need the good news!!!

    (As for the too much information, yeah, I get it... LOL!)
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    Awesome, I am so happy for both of you!

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    Yippee. That is great news and glad that you shared. Have a great dinner!!!!!
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    YIPPPPPEEEEEEE! Doing the happy dance for you guys. You know what they say: When a door closes, a window opens. NICE window you got there!

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    WOOOO HOOOO!!!!!! Thrilled for both of you!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Too awesome!

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    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to you both!
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    Super duper like!
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    OMG....from despair to ecstacy is record time!! I'm SO happy for you both. DDD
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    That is so exciting! I can feel the excitement through the computer.
    You are so right--the job that fell through--this sounds wayyyyy better!
    I hope they don't work him to the bone, but it sounds like they're "family" centered enough to allow him to make phonecalls and work around things.
    And the house across the street--another WOW!!!
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    :) :) Thanks all. Waiting for him to be ready to go out for a early dinner. A treat to go without fear to pay for a nice dinner (not Wendys lol).

    The house across the street is only 3 years old. We watched it get built, and the features are lovely, it is past a typical starter home but the price reduction makes it a great deal for first buyers, no other way we'd get a home like that. It has this gorgeous weeping willow etc. We're discussing options to perhaps put a quick offer at the 3 month mark after he passes his work probation, just so they don't stumble on a different buyer. Time will tell but even to be able to start to get excited is great. If its not that house, it'll be another.

    They are indeed very good a switching hours for family things etc. Turns out they even pay for the employees lunches, they order in a different place each day of the week. That's a nice way to show something special to employees, never heard of it before. I highly doubt a emergency call would be frowned on. And its so nearby its great for transportation. he can be there in 10 minutes. How we never heard of them is beyond me!
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    WOOHOO! Way To Go! Celebrate for all of us!
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    That is SO AWESOME!
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    Congrats to you both!! Now go celebrate!!
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    Brag away!!!!!! Those of us that are behind....will catch our breaks eventually -------in the mean time? WE ARE ELATED FOR YOU AND REJOICE IN YOUR HAPPINESS!!!!


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    Wonderful news. I'm so happy for you.

    Love, Esther
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    YAY!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!

    So very very happy for you both!
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    AWESOME news!!!!
    YAY!!! :)