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    Wow..I've been checking this site every day and have gotten so many free things. This morning everyone in my family just got free stationary...yesterday it was a free subscription to Martha Stewart magazine, later I'm going out near Old Navy and getting the $1 flip-flops for my kids and girlfriend's for the beach that's today only. I just check it every day, ....they still have some free stationary sets....
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    wahhh I wanna Martha Stewart Mag.............think of the coupons inside that baby! lol (jk)

    I'm gonna go check this one out. My invisible glass sample showed up.......rather good size sample. And I got my coupons for free baby cereal/food and cottonelle wipes in the mail yesterday. I'm excited. I love freebies. Saw the old Navy deal but I think if I buy more flip flops husband is gonna find a way to strangle me with them..........

    My other samples/freebies should start flowing in now........these were the first ones I signed up for. And that reminds me to make a list of sites for my mail lady.........cuz once she sees the stuff coming again she's gonna want to know where I'm finding them at.
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    Yup Collin is amazing! You are welcome!