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    Nichole filled out the application and made the appointment for the psychiatrist. I'm a bit surprised as last time this was discussed she conceded it was boyfriend once again manipulating her into believing she's "crazy" in order to get his own way.

    I dunno if that's the case this time or not. If it is, she wouldn't say. Nichole did say she believes she's schizophrenic and would like to find out for sure.

    Is it me or is that a bit odd? I mean, yes, Nichole has learned well to take her mental health into her own hands and make treatment/medications work for her. (thank goodness) But.........I dunno. That just seems odd to me. But maybe she's been doing some research I don't know about.

    Or maybe boyfriend is just filling her head with carp again.:mad:

    I didn't try to talk her out of it this time. The psychiatrist is good and cautious.

    The anger is there again, always bubbling under the surface ready to rear it's ugly head when she least expects it. Ok, fine. You can have anger issues without being schizo. (even if it does remind me of my mother)

    I've taught her to be proactive, so I've decided I need to trust her judgement. However I plan to be at that first psychiatrist appoint, most especially if boyfriend *thinks* he's going to be there. I will not have him slanting the perspective to favor his manipulations.

    It's not easy. My gut tells me alot of her issues are boyfriend manipulation. Not all by a long shot.......but alot. But I have to concede that she may not be giving me the full story, heck it's even possible she's not giving boyfriend the full story. It possible there are things she's afraid to tell us.

    I just hope psychiatrist will be able to weed out how much is boyfriend triggered behavior and how much are real issues.

    We have 2 hs kids (going steady) in our drawing class. Nichole did confess she came very close to physically hurting them yesterday. Their constant love birdie stupid immature chatter nearly drove her over the edge. Concerning. Although I will concede they annoy the heck out of the rest of the class as well, including the instructor.:tongue:

    So, I guess we'll find out what the new psychiatrist has to say. She has to call them when she gets home for her appoint time.
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    I hope that Nicole will recognize that while the lovebirds may have nearly driven her to violence, she stopped herself. That's a big thing. It shows self-control. Hopefully the psychiatrist will help her to find a way to stay on the right track. Schizo seems so unlikely at her age, but I suppose you never know.
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    I think you being there for her appointment is a good thing, especially if boyfriend will be there. I'm glad she is doing this, just as a precaution. It will do her good to know what is what, moreso with boyfriend always throwing in his 2 cents. That has to play on her mind, a lot.
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    Unless boyfriend is a mental health professional - I would hope she wouldn't put much stock in his 'diagnosis'. People throw the word 'crazy' around in a liberal fashion. Schizophrenia is a very serious disease - I'm glad she's going to a psychiatrist who is 'good and cautious'.