Holy sh*t, Batman! Can ANYthing else happen?


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girlfriend did not tell her mother about her other partner.
Mother just assumes it was difficult child.
I told her what the dr said--"I don't want to get into the middle of this, but all I can say is that one of you is lying."
She chuckled and shook her head.

I called the school and warned difficult child's counselor that he had threatened to have someone jump D, the other partner. (Actually, it would be a bunch of kids.) Or, as the news media says, the "alleged" partner. I don't want a fight on school property (much less off of it). He did not know the kid but from my description of him, you can't miss him. He's about 6' tall, 350-400 lbs, long, long, long greasy hair. We had to tell difficult child not to have him in our house any more because we had to have the couch professionally cleaned. :(

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Are you keeping a journal? I know you have zero extra time, but this is just all kinds of craziness. on the other hand, these threads are kind of like a journal.

Lots of warm hugs being sent your way.


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Geez Louise....you can't make this stuff up. I totally believe truth is stranger than fiction...

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Drama, drama, drama.
difficult child called and said that not only did he not stay after school, he left early, because someone told him a rumor that ticked him off and he was so mad, he couldn't contain himself.
NVM that he's supposed to go the nurse's office and get medications and sit in a quiet classroom when that happens. :(
OMG, I am SO sick of the drama.
He is with-H right now.
by the way, I found her on FB. Limited page, mostly her place of work. Doesn't surprise me.


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She was with difficult child after school, of course. She talked to him to calm him down.
Oh, the irony.
The rumor was, in fact, the truth.
E, a friend/acquaintance of difficult child, pulled difficult child aside and said he'd heard that he had gotten D pregnant and that she had chlamydia. difficult child said, "Who told you that?"
The one who probably gave it to D.
difficult child said it was a lie and that if anyone else asked, they were to be told it was a lie, too.
Then he went to class a cpl min late, the teacher wanted a tardy slip, and difficult child said forget it, and just left.


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Well...if H goes to school she's going to hear this. I mean, seriously, does she still not know that the ex is pregnant even?


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Oops. I meant to type that D, the guy, told E, the guy, who told difficult child.

And yes, H is going to hear it, but difficult child got to her first, and of course, she'll want to believe him.


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I used Young Living "stress" blend today. All over. Even shoved it up my nose!
And I told two friends, in person. Even though I only see them once a month for editing ... but one is writing a book on step parenting her mentally ill step-daughter, so it seemed appropriate. Plus, I've been forgetful lately and it shows, so I thought I owed them at least some explanation. But once I started to talk, I couldn't stop. They were aghast, kind, and supportive.

And tonight, I was going to visit Cousin P, but I changed my mind. I'm home, paying bills, drinking wine and tea, and eating chocolate. I suppose I should eat some meat ...