Home within the week....

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Looks like kt will be discharged within the coming week. I'm excited & will be glad to have her home.

While Residential Treatment Center (RTC) has been a godsend for my little girl, I look forward to parenting kt once again.

Keep your fingers crossed - I will be interviewing staff over the next couple of days. If I find a winner kt should be home by Monday at the latest.

Having said that, all will be put on hold until the right staff is in place. psychiatrist will not discharge & I will not bring kt home until every service is back in place.

I just want this transition stuff over & to get back to a "normal" :surprise: :wink: routine.

Sounds scary out of me, doesn't it? :smile:


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I'm happy for you--

Fingers crossed that the transition back home goes well.

Good luck finding the right help--

Sending you positive vibes !!

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I'm so excited for you-saying a prayer the right help can be found and a smooth transition home is made. :angel:



I hope everything goes smoothly in preparing for the transition--and that kt moves into a good routine when she gets home.



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I know that both you and kt will be glad to have her home. I hope that the transition is smooth. I think your weekend away makes it look promising.


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I'm glad for your family--and glad that you have something positive to look forward to. hOpe you can get all the planning to fall in place quickly.