Honey, where did your clothes go?


Mom? What's a difficult child?
N- Rainey (the cat) took them...

Me- well what did she do with them?

N- I don't know.

K- She just swallowed a coin also.

Me- Did you N?

N- Uh huh... (shaking her head, yes)

K- She's gonna die

Me- honey did you swallow a coin

N- Yes

Me- You can't do that, you could choke
K-your gonna die
Me- well I don't think she is going to die now, but you could choke and we would have to go to the doctor and he would have to give you shots and it would not be fun.

N- In my b-o-o-t-i-e?
Me- well I don't know, but your b-o-o-t-i-e may hurt when you have to poop if you really did swallow a coin...

K- is she gonna die?
Me-NO she is not going to die...
K- is it gonna hurt when she poops?

Me- Come on you guy's it is time for dinner.... :slap:

(I was trying not to laugh at K's morbid insistance that her sister was going to die and N's unphased additude about swallowing a quarter!!! The things these kids think and say!)

Andrea Danielle

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Very funny Totoro. Hopefully you are keeping track of all of your funny stories to share with your kids in the future. I have about 10 pages so far from life with my difficult child.



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That is quite a chuckle. However, it might not be a bad idea to keep an eye on N's bowels for the next couple of days. Make sure she continues to have them, and if she goes a few days without, or starts to get pains in her stomach, take her to the doctor right away. Our three year old swallowed a coin once, and I called the Pediatrician to see if it would hurt her, and they told me that although most three year olds "passageways" have gotten big enough around that they can pass something that size, sometimes if they are small, a coin could still get stuck in there and block everything off....