honeymoon is over

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His story ought to be interesting. I'm sorry you're having to handle this as well. I hope difficult child shows up soon. :rolleyes:


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Worrying about a difficult child is the pits! They really can make us stressed about so many things.

How old is your difficult child? Could you add this to your profile?


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Im so sorry. Worrying is the worst. Im assuming since he has a myspace and can get to it someplace, that he is older. I would take that as a good sign that is ok but just being a pain.

Sometimes we could just shake them till their teeth rattle. Ugh.


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Please keep us posted. I am hoping he comes around and does the right thing.
Do you think he is doing this because he does not like gma and gpa's house? Or is this the kinda thing he was doing last year as well?


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Yes, that is the problem with living with parent's after we hit this stage in our life. They start to treat us like we are little kids again, and we start to treat them as the parent's that made us pull our hair out, despite the best of intentions. It must be genetic. :cry:

I will be hoping you can find your own place soon. Even a small little apartment, would probably less stress than what you are doing now. Hang in there. I am glad difficult child is safe, although he certainly is telling a tale.........teenagers!


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OMG. I think a cardboard box sounds great, too. You poor thing.
I hope it's calmed down a bit.
I suspect you'll do better in the long run with-difficult child than with-your dad.