How absolutely tragic!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by everywoman, Feb 25, 2009.

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    First off I nearly fainted because I know a "Sky Walker". But thankfully he's not old enough for it to be him or his mother.

    Wow. There are not even adequate words. So very tragic.:(
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    My thoughts are with the family -

    And to answer your question - NOPE - got a letter in the mail yesterday from the "agency." This agency deals with and was founded to HELP the kids in this state who are the MOST SEVERELY EMOTIONALLY DISTURBED....and now their program is facing huge cuts. So that means kids like Dude are going to be in your schools, and playing with your kids - UNTREATED.
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    Is Michell Obama still looking for a cause to get behind? Maybe we should all write her and suggest she take this one up? I don't mean this kid in particular but mental health programs for children in general-RM
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    If difficult child doesn't have some sort of life of his own "There by the grace of God go I. "
    Sends chills.down my spine.
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    That Obama idea isn't too bad. I'll google her for info.
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    I found this:
    Besides her own family, Mrs. Obama has cited issues around working women and military families as ones that she'd like to focus on during her time in the White House.
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    OMG!!! Just heartbreaking.:sad-very: