How did I get here!

Deni D

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.
I've been here a long time. I've been in the war a long time. My posts show that I too am more of a logical than emotion thinker. Usually Copa steps up to bring the connection I have difficultly expressing.

You, Zaphou, have not prayed to God to please take you if it would give your child a chance to live a life of contentment, a life where they can somewhat thrive, a life they can handle and feel they belong.
You don't have a child, you don't. You don't have any kind of connection to someone (unless that is yourself) with a mental illness or addiction. What you have is fake virtue signaling as a weapon towards people you have assigned as villains, or people you are having fun playing with.

You, Zaphou, have not walked in our shoes, it's apparent you have not, not one step. You are a judgmental outsider who has no clue. Really, I suspect, no, I know, you are a troll. You hate your mother, whether deserved or not, but we are not your mother. Maybe you are justified, but I question that as I have experienced the upside down, inside out world of disorder. That's for you to figure out, not our business.

You are lucky that right now we seem to be without an administrator or you would have been gone after your second post.

Anyone reading this crap from Zaphou, please ignore them going forward. Don't let this person poison you with their judgmental bs. Hopefully we will have an involved admin again soon.