How did your Thanksgiving go?

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Just wondering! As HMBgal said in her post this can be a a very stressful day for some as can all of the holidays. There were years where I almost dreaded the holidays because I never knew with difficult child how things would go and even with easy child/difficult child there were some really hard holidays. There were many a holiday that I came here in tears over how the day went.

Our day was great. We have a ton of family visiting from out of town and that is such a blessing because it is so much fun and difficult child loves being with his cousins. He had to work today from 9-2 and he handled it very well even though he was missing out on time with his cousins.

I hope for each of you the day was filled with blessings and went better than you were hoping. If not, let us know as well, we are here for you!


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Mine was awesome:satisfied: I stayed in my jammies all day and watched movies. I talked to my son for a few minuets and that was fine. I did not have to put up with my moody sister in law or my drunk mother. I did not feel lonely or depressed. I felt blessed.


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We had a great time because the entire family sat own and wrote some fun, but helpful rules:

1/ We would have it at Julie's house because it's easiest for baby, but too hard for Julie to cook with baby. Solution: We all pitched in for some awesome catering! Wow, yum!

2/No toxic people. None. Nada None allowed. Sorry. Just hub, me, ex, SO of Julie, SO of Julie's mom, and the kids.

3/ Jumper and Sonic were coming separately. We are to eat at 1:30. If Jumper and Sonic come late, which did happen,nobody cares. We are not formal. This isnot life and death. There will still be plenty of food.We wil still have fun. Not all eating at the same time is ok.

4/ We are gathering mostly to enjoy one another in a stress-free, carefree environment.

We had a blast. So dfferent from thirty years ago when we all dressed up to go to ex's aunt's beautiful home and we all had to be on time and make sure we didn't burp at the table and where everyone tried to be nice as they talked about who made the most money and who had the most amazing children. Them daze iz gone forevah.

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GuideMe-I'm sorry your day was so unpleasant. Sending gentle hugs your way.

Pasajes and Mwm-glad your day went so well!


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...and make sure we didn't burp at the table and where everyone tried to be nice as they talked about who made the most money and who had the most amazing children. Them daze iz gone forevah.

So glad your day went well. Laying ground rules really is helpful: get those expectations clear and upfront. And if it's beyond your capabilities--see ya. About the burping: all the cousins actually had a burping contest. Yeah, that's how we roll.


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I had a great day! Cooked and ate with friends and family. That's one good thing about the military. We have friends who have become family here. Lol of course they all come with their own personalities.

We have the weird guy, the witchy girl, the nerd, and all the other flavors. We love them though.

We used a rec room since we had so many people. The kids got to play pool, video games, and air hockey. The parents got to eat and watch football. All was good in the land.


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Hubby and I went to his sister's with the family. Son #1 was missing as his girlfriend's mother just passed, and they were with her family for the holiday and still grieving. It was a very nice evening.

Then Hubby and I went to Target and spent more than we meant to, but the lines were short and we enjoyed it. I have the remains of three pies in my fridge...I had pumpkin pie for breakfast!


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Ours was terrible and it hasn't stopped yet. difficult child was in rare form and husband (the "d" doesn't really apply) walked out before dinner and didn't come back until long after the dishes were done. That was the 2nd time he left yesterday and now today he has left again. So sick of it! If I had the means I would leave with my kids and not look back.


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Wiped Out- Im glad you had a great day :)

GuideMe- Im sorry and please, when your ready talk about.. Ill look for your thread :) Hugs

pasajes4- sounds great! I would love to hang out in my Pjs

MidwestMom- Glad your day also went well! That was a great plan :)

HMBgal- We burp here too, esp with Sprite and a snickers bar! OO Cola sometimes :p

dstc_99- That sounds like fun! Glad your day went well.

KTMom91- Sorry about your sons girlfriend mother. Pie for breakfast is great! I had Apple :)

anonymous-Im so sorry about your last few days, I hope you and your family find some peace. Hugs

******For those I didnt mark a like or such I didnt mean not to rate your post. I would send you a hug and sorry one if there was an option. Other wise Id put an agree that I understand what you all are going threw. Hugs again, and hugs and high 5's for those who had a great day!!!

*******As for mine, well, son and daughter fought, son had some tantrums but it wasnt severe.. so it was ok. Today of course was worse, as he hit his sister, I found more damage on his door, along with the kitchen drawer I found several little holes in... he spit in his sisters food... etc. Im already counting down.. 3 weeks till Christmas vacation I must have all day plus things for him planned.. active active and more active things!!!!! And add to today, my grandpa threw out my food... got lectured. Clearing out my room for my sister..