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  1. klmno

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    a company to make sure it isn't a scam? I posted a resume online and got an email from a person saying he'd like to discuss a position with me and he included a phone number but there wasn't the typical company logo/signature. I emailed back saying I was interested and would call tomorrow, and asked if there was a preferable time. He emailed back- in the evening- and asked that I send him a resume. I responded asking for a company name. He sent one with a website for the company. Is there any way to make sure it is a valid company - tomorrow morning? I obviously don't want to offend him if this is a legitimate company and open position.
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    Only suggestion I would have is to google it, or do a FB search

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    I'm a little confused. Did you post for a job than anyone could answer? Does the company do the sort of work that is compatible with-your line of work? If you're worried, just send your resume without a ph#.
    Have you tried searching the company name on Google? Or looking it up with-the State Corporation Commission? Or the BBB? Usually a website had a webmaster or domain that is separate and you could contact them, as well.
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    That was confusing- sorry. I didn't actually post a resume but I did post an ad saying my line of work and that I needed employment at any level. His response was reasonable although i'm a little reluctant given the circumstances. I will try googling it and also, I'm thinkinkg I can call the place he says this company is working for to verify that there really is a company by that name working for them (that is a government agency and I would trust them). It did make me more leary that his emails are coming in the evening instead of during normal working hours.
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    Mamaof5 Guest Look up the company there and then hit the BBB for that area, then google it "name of company+complaints"
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    I think it's a good idea to check the company out to make sure it's valid and you're comfortable with it.

    One thing to keep in mind is that a lot of corporate recruiting activities do happen in the evening. The assumption is that people are at work during the day and won't or can't take calls about another job while at work, so they contact potential new hires in the evening. I know that the economy has changed, but I don't think that recruiting practices have changed to match.
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    While my easy child was looking for a job she went on Monster. She got all sorts of "interviews" right away. We found that a google search was the best place to start. On every occasion it was a scam. So just use your senses and be careful!
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    OK, I have checked these avenues and see no complaints or anything to indicate a problem. I think it's ok and since there's only so much risk with a resume being sent, I will send it and call him as he requested. I'm thinking I'll be able to tell after talking with him on the phone if this is legitimate or not.

    Thanks all!
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    Good Luck! I am excited for the outcome!! I will send goog Ju Ju to you...
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    Thank you! I talked with him on the phone and it was clear that this is definitely legitimate! He also said a couple of things similar to what the man said at my last job interview that help me see why it's been so difficult getting back in the work force. (Nothing specific to me so much, just in general.) I'm not sure what I can do about it but it actually made me feel a little more hopeful and motivated to have an idea of what is going on in a potential employer's mind for sure, even though we had speculated about these things.
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    So did he schedule a face to face interview?
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    Let's just say I don't want to risk a board jinx this time. :tongue:

    As far as the problem- I have been a licensed prof for 20 years- This profession plummetted over the 18 mos so of course, many in this profession have been unemployed and struggling. In order to try to get work, about all of them are looking for lower level positions and/or if they have additional skills that are somewhat related, they are adding those in their resume to try to get work in related fields that can use those skills.

    Here's the problem as I see it after mulling over previous input here about looking over-qualified on my resume and listening to a couple of potential employers' input: if I remove my prof license from my resume, I basicly have NO resume and NO references. I am getting responses to resumes because I have extensive experience and these additional skills as a result but it's really only the additional skills that they are interested in. I have no way to explain how I got these skills if I remove my prof status because I didn't work at the type of place where a person would only learn those specific things.

    They are getting tons of resumes by people in the same prof and same situation- and they say this is typical after a recession that hits this profession hard. They are not holding this against "us" because they know we have been hit hard and just doing whatever we can to get back in the work force. But they are concerned because hiring those of us in this position when they really are only needing certain skills means that we/I would get paid a lot less and they don't want us leaving as soon as the market picks up or being dissatisfied with the job. There is a huge amount of competition because they are getting tons of resumes.

    On the one hand, the potential employer is originally excited about maybe hiring someone who can do so much more that maybe they can make use of. on the other hand, they apparently then get worried and tend to choose the person that fits exactly (and only) what they need for that immediate position. I think this has a lot to do with why it starts out appearing that I have a good chance of getting a particular job, then I end up not getting it.

    Now this particular job has one aspect to it that I might be able to convince him would be worth it to me to have even getting paid less than what I'm used to. Of course I stressed that I am happy to take a lower salary than what I used to get just to get back in the work force but telling them that never seems to be enough to get the job. Anyway, he made it clear that he's interviewing several and the competition is stiff.

    What's a little odd about this one though is that I never saw an advertisement for this postion- he contacted me because he saw an ad I had listed regarding my skills and looking for work. That's why I wanted to check out the company to make sure it was legitimate before sending him any more info about myself. But as it turned out, after I sent a resume he called me before I called him and I knew when I saw caller id that it was definitely legitimate. And he couldn't have known the type of stuff he was able to discuss otherwise.

    I do have one nagging worry though and if anyone near me wouldn't mind me pm'ing them as a "check-in" one day next week, I'd feel a little safer.
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