how do i find an educational advocate?

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101 Archives' started by littledanesmom, May 2, 2004.

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    because my mind is still reeling from the problems we encountered last week at my son's school, i feel that i am unable to fully explain the situation in the little amount of space i am allowed question is this. can someone tell me how to find an educational advocate? i have read about them on this site and would like to talk to someone to make sure that the actions that were taken last week are never taken again. i will gladly explain what happened later, but my emotions are still too raw to look at things in any kind of perspective on this public forum. thanks, in advance, for any information!
  2. littledanesmom

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    i was just going through our state's education website. i do NOT want an educational advocate. i guess in kansas, they are people who are appointed by the state to represent children who do not have parents available to represent them.
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    Working with school district's can be stressful. Advocates can be very helpful.

    When you're up to writing about the problems you're encountering, let us know. Will be glad to try to help.
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    You could try your local nami (national alliance for the mentally ill) This is the web site, look under find support. It says they have chapters in all states

    They helped me find a psychiatrist who would evaluate my daughter at 3 1/2, when no one else would even see her.
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    School District's are suppose to provide a list of advocates for parents, however, you don't have to utilize the sd's list.
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    Alisha Leigh, are advocates recommended by SD safe to use? I mean do they work hard for YOU? I just wondered if they didn't have bias opinions because of the SD.

    The one we had here was a Teachers Assistant who had worked in the SD for 25 years and knew everything that they can do and cannot do or won't do. Even when they said they had no funds for this or that, she knew they did. I don't know really know how one finds one here in Canada either. This lady was recommnded by a Tourette's Syndrome support group leader here. Hmm what a good question though....for anyone who lives anywhere?

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    The advocate I found was from an organization that was listed on the "parents rights" pamphlet the SD gave me. They weren't affiliated with the SD at all. This advocacy agency eventually referred my case to Protection & Advocacy System because she could tell we were going to need legal assistance to get anywhere with the SD.

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    thank you all for your replies. i am still looking into finding answers. this site is a blessing for those of us who know nothing. thank you!
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    Two states (that I know of) )Ohio and Kansas apparently) have advocates who are school district employees. Avoid them.

    Other advocates come from the sources listed above. Some are free or publicly funded and in other places (CA), advocacy is big business.

    Education and advocacy are the explicit purposes of this section of CONDUCTDISORDERS.COM. However, there are limits to what can be done in cyberspace.

    Sometimes I recommend that a parent try to get an on-site advocate and others do very well with knowledge and preparation from this or other sites and research. No one, in my opinion, should go to an IEP alone. Even if the person you take with you is not an expert, a note taker frees you up to think.