How do you deal with the noises?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jamieh, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Jamieh

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    E is constantly making annoying noises. Chirping, squealing, repeating words (his favorite is mamamamammaamamammamamamamamamamamamama) and other weird sounds. He does them pretty loud. We usually have to tell him to knock it off about 10 times before he does. But lately he's been doing them more and more in public. Before he mostly done them at home and we could tolerate them for a bit but at a restaurant we can't let him do it. We have told him repeatedly that if he needs to wait until we are in the car or home. But they wear on our nerves. I know that he does it to block out all the other stimulus that he is getting in a busy environment. But I feel like I need a bottle of wine like every day to get thru the day lol.
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    Well, that IS a part of autism and it's annoying. It's a stimulant and hard to stop and I'm not sure you CAN stop it because he isn't trying to annoy you. The sounds soothe him. I would not tell him to knock it off. That's treating his behavior as if he were doing something wrong and he's's part of his disorder. You CAN tell him that it would be better if he didn't make sounds where other people can hear him, or at least could he please try to control it until you get home. I have no idea how well Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) kids can control their stimming, especially when very young.

    Sonic learned to do them mostly in his room and now that he is an adult, he doesn't make those odd sounds anymore. I'm not quite sure what to tell you, but I did want you to know that in some kids they do stop stimming that way. Take heart, we understand.

    It may be best to avoid busy restaurants if you have to bring him with. We did. He couldn't handle them, or malls, or lots of places. But he can handle anything now. It takes time.
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    Totally a stupid question but would an ipod help?
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    It happens with autism and it also happens with Tourette's Syndrome. The children that I have known who most consistently make sounds are those with Tourtette's. I am VERY sensitive to sound and although I didn't drink alot of of the difficult child's likely wouldn't have survived if I hadn't had Cutty Sark in the cupboard, lol. DDD
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    We have tried but he refuses to wear ear phones of any kind. Sometimes I think if he could hear some kind of music it would help...

    And now I think I may have asked this same question before about the noises lol it just seems to be a big issue right now.
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    lol I am so going to have a glass (or 4) tonight...I was alcohol free all weekend.
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    I never really realized that the sounds could be 'stimming' but it makes sense now that you said that. He also does the hand thing which is very much a stimming thing for him. Me and his dad are trying to be more patient now that we know for sure that he does have asperger's.
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    Jamieh, honest, it is part of the disorder and he can't help it. Sure, we all wish our kids would not draw attention to themselves in odd ways and that they would behave "normally." But he can't. Not now. It really helped to just stay away from places where he stimmed worse, which made me think he was nervous. For a while, we didn't take him anywhere indoors. Yes, the park, where it's ok to make noise, but not malls or restaurants or museums. With Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) kids you really can't worry about what Joe or Jane think about your unusual child.

    I don't think he is trying to block out the noise although I admit I never thought of that. I just always figured he was stimming and I do believe that is what the noises are...a form of stimming. In my son, as stated before, this type of stimming no longer happens, but your boy is very young and hasn't even really been in treatment yet. Time is your friend, but don't rush him. That only makes the stimming worse (anxiety). Gentle hugs!!!
  9. HaoZi

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    Yes, if you're really wanting to go out to eat or something, you might do best to adjust when you go out. Go when it's least busy so he's not as overwhelmed and can learn how to handle situations in public gradually. Don't go on busy days like holidays, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, etc. If there's a large group at the restaurant asked to be seated far away from them.
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    I can relate...K's noises absolutely drive me through the roof. To make it worse, K can control them and will get louder and more obnoxious if he really wants to be annoying. Since he hates to miss out on anything, we just give him the option of making noises in his room (or, now that it's nice, outside on the porch) or staying and stopping the noise. Same thing goes for restaurants/public...he LOVES to be out and about, so giving him the option to stay quietly or leave to make noise is effective. Unfortunately, whether it's ADHD or just wanting to push buttons, we usually have to remind him frequently.

    Some of the kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) that I work with at school use noises as a stimulant, and we just remind them to use a "quiet" voice (with a visual) when the noises aren't appropriate. Then praise heavily when they are quiet. Rinse, repeat.