How do you think I've felt....

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    Especially in this time when families are coming together (or are so far apart, or are estranged from one another), this is something for us to consider. Each of us has his or her "reason" for how we have come to perceive our situations. If you can, read it the first time from your own perspective.

    And then, read it again, from the perspective of the other person. From your child's perspective, or from the perspective of someone with whom you disagree.

    It was an eye and heart opening exercise for me, to do that.

    So, here it is:

    "How do you think I've felt, being viewed as wrong, damaged, broken, or less-than through your eyes...."

    It was in Dear Abby, this morning.

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    Hadn't thought of it in so may words, but... I've felt that way (on both sides of it) many times.