How long does testing take?



School is/has been doing a FBA. Seems like for over a month now. They are trying to find ways not to be obvious. difficult child knows when someone is in the class it is because of him. he has been there done that.

School psychologist told me a month ago that she would test him, and we scheduled IEp for May 21st. She said all tests would be completed by then.
difficult child said he has not had any tests. So, I contacted the school psychologist. she said there are others in front of him and she hopes to get to him by May 14th. I just asked her if she could please let me know, as difficult child has many appointment's and I will not schedule any when she will be testing.

Dr. office don't seem to be open after school, (school gets out at 3:40, he gets out about 3:50) then there is a drive to another town many times. So, if it is not possible to schedule after school, I schedule during his lunch hour.

Just curious how long it takes for the testing.


Total testing time would depend on the test(s) being performed and the student.

in my opinion multiple tests should not be administered in one sitting -- it may be overtiring for the student and produce erroneous results.

My son has been tested extensively by the sd and privately. All testing was done over several days.

When a student is referred for the initial evaluation, there is a 60 day timeline within which the sd must complete the evaluations. I haven't located a reg that depicts a time requirement for reevaluations.

Sds perform a huge number of evaluations yearly. They have some type of tracking system for scheduling (similar to a doctor's appointment schedule). They should be able to provide the dates your child is scheduled (if they have been scheduled).