how long to see improvement


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i must admit that i am unsure of the "help" that i have heard people say their children get from fish oil... skeptic or not i have to try something while waiting for the psychiatrist appointment, so i ordered a kid friendly kind off the net and it will be here by wednesday... my question is to all those who swear by it, how long does it take to see improvement in behavior? I know it varies, but am looking for a guesstimate... My difficult child is 5, wonderful at home, crazy as a bedbug in school and smart as a whip... i hope this helps!


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In my opinion, I would go to a professional like a naturopath or alternative practitioner that specializes in alternative treatments if you are going to really try out fish oil/diet alteration.

Our naturopath says that he would recommend fish oil supplimentation over vitamins as the omega oils are what is most lacking from our typical diets.

He also said that it can take sometimes (for an adult) up to 6 mths to see results and possibly even a year to REALLY notice you feel way better.

The dosage can be that you take enough to wear you start to get loose stools and then just back off a bit.

Sorry for the long post on this. Too much info? I realize it is hard to wait it out.