How Many is Too Many?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JulienSam, Jul 8, 2008.

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    Professionals, that is. We have an appointment on Friday to see a Psychologist that we've seen once before about month & half ago -- I was to fill out yet another set of forms (Sam's preschool teacher did as well) and keep track of Sam's behaviors.

    We were supposed to have an appointment. with the psychiatrist in this same practice to discuss medication, but she called in sick on the day of our appointment, and we're rescheduled for next Friday.

    Our neuropsychologist evaluation is scheduled for next Thursday... so I'm wondering, do I keep the appointment. with- the psychologist this coming Friday? I honestly don't know what I'll talk about for an hour with- him -- I can go over some of my notes of Sam's behavior & hear the results of the forms I completed. And will all of this be useless after the neuropsychologist evaluation anyway?

    In our first meeting the Psychologist basically said that therapy really won't work for someone as young as Sam - -which I understand. The main reason we have seen him is because he's within our network -- unfortunately, the Psychiatrist in the same practice isn't. So the thought was we'd see the Psychologist regularly, and see the Psychiatrist every once in a while as needed.

    I'm so tired of going to appointments. Sam gets to play, so he doesn't care.

    So should I just cancel the Psychologist appointment. for Friday, and see what comes out of the neuropsychologist evaluation?

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    Ahhh, I remember those too many appointment days well.

    If it were me I'd cancel the psychologist for now. Get through the neuropsychologist evaluation and see what kinds of issues arise and that should give clearer direction on how to go about addressing the behavioral issues.
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    I would skip the regular psychologist as well. The neuropsychologist would be my main priority.
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    Thanks, ladies...that's the way I was leaning and now it'll also free up our afternoon for something fun. Looking forward to the neuropsychologist appointment. -- seems like forever ago I made that appointment.