How much melatonin?


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I just bought melatonin for my easy child/difficult child. He was on abilify and now we've stopped. He is having a great deal of trouble falling asleep.

What is a typical dosage? The smallest dosage I found was 3 mg--is this ok?

I'd like to give it tonight--I'll try and find old posts, but I thought may someone would reply before I was able to find it.



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I believe you are correct. According to the dosing instructions on my bottle it is one 3mg tablet. told us that my difficult child could take 6mg; but, my difficult child is 16.


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All three of my kids use this to help with sleep, and they each take 3mg. doctor said not to give the younger two any more than 3mg, but our 12 year old is allowed up to 6mg... The lowest dose I have seen in the store is 150mcg which is equivalent to 1.5mg...but if 3 works, then I would stick with that!