How was your holiday?

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Star*, Mar 24, 2008.

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    Hi all -

    I just wanted to let you all know that our Easter holiday was good. We had our ham - DF won a ham at the grocery store so maybe HAM for Mother's day? And.......even though we aren't supposed to see him for a month due to regulations (which are stupid for foster families) Dudes foster family stopped by just long enough for us to give Dude his Easter basket.

    Times have changed - I used to buy little fun things and now it's underwear, razors and deodorant! But he appreciated it very much. And there wasn't a ton of candy in the basket - sorta did a one of each kind for everyone this year. (Didn't want to get Dude in a sugar meanie mood for the fosters) lol

    Seems all is going well - he's working odd jobs and baby sitting. He actually LOVES babysitting. He's such a sucker for little girls. (They all say he's a honey - 3 and 4 year olds!!) lol.

    I like this business of NOT thinking nor dreaming about a holiday and just letting what happens; happen. Then being appreciative for the day. I didn't think I'd get to see him at all - and I did even if it was only for 4 or 5 minutes it was a chance to see him.

    Dinner went well, we cleaned up, took a nap - took advantage of free HBO and watched a couple movies and just relaxed. First time in a LONG time for us.

    Hope your day was as enjoyable.

    I did have a cute chuckle. I have a girlfriend who is Jewish but for some reason she hasn't told them at work. Her boss gave everyone Easter baskets and she looked at me and said "What am I supposed to do with this?" I said 'OH that's right you....." and she cut me off and said "Don't believe in the EASTER bunny." I said "well you have PMS don't you? Use it for that!" After a minute she just laughed and said - I guess it's all in how you look at it. And I said "HEY I have a BOX made hands so big/so wide - that basket is nice - you can carry it with you easier."
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    Geesh, no one wanted to tell you how their holiday was huh star? I will.

    We did do the hiding of the eggs at 4A. Apparently SO is a better hider then I am as he got to hide the real eggs and it took them more time to find his (some weren't even found until hours into the morning). In my oldest room there was still a bit of a mess even though she was told to clean up. I refuse to walk around/through it so I put her eggs were it was easiest for me to reach without killing myself bending or reaching. SO was able to "go in" deep to those places and bend/twist to put eggs better then I since my movements are so restrictet (no wonder his were better hid!)

    I had told the kids not to wake us until 9a since I knew they would be well occupied. They didn't but I got up long before that because I heard the two younger ones going up and down the stairs and well, it just sounded like trouble! By the time I had gotten up sure enough they had eaten a whole lotta candy .:rolleyes: I really didn't think that they would have devoured so much so quick! Stupid me, I know. Sugar rush heaven for rest of day now, running wild but happy kids.

    I made a bunch of deviled eggs out of some of the dyed eggs. For dinner I made the ham I found along with candied yams and baked potatoes ( I know 2 potatoes but it's what they wanted). I will NEVER buy that brand of ham again! It was horrible, just horrible. After searching for a safe one for little dude and finding only one that was honey/brown sugar (could have gotten plain ham but no one likes it) I was so disappointed with it as was everyone else. It takes like we were eating fire. The apparent smoke flavor was sooo very over powering.

    They got to watch Harry Potter's newest movie as well as Snow Buddies. That kept them calm for a little while.

    Over all it was a sugar rushed holiday with a disappointing dinner but no major melt downs.
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    That's so nice that the fosters bend the rules so you could see Dude for the holiday. I got a big chuckle at what you filled his basket with. lol

    Being in school and spending my break spring cleaning I didn't do a formal dinner this year. I wasn't killing myself to get the house ready in time. easy child and sister in law were having dinner with his parents. Nichole and boyfriend sort of got jipped cuz his Mom was supposed to be cooking the family meal, but she decided to make Drama for Easter instead.

    Nichole had set up an egg hunt in boyfriend's parents backyard. The weather was really nice for a change. The kids had so much fun! And of course it was too cute.

    That was it for my day. But then, I'm not a big Easter person anyway. lol

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    I don't know how I missed this!

    I am so glad you got to see Dude. Yes, the contents of the basket may change with age, but it is still cool to get the basket. I had one for Tink and one for Copper. Tink's had a jumprope, chalk, bubbles, etc. Copper's had a phone card and a gas card.

    Ya know. The necessities of life. When you are 7, you NEED bubbles.
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    I'm (schrmsihsrghs) and I NEED bubbles.

    I'm so glad all of you had a great holiday - one nice one once in a while isn't going to hurt huh?