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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by SRL, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. SRL

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    You moms have all been so quiet lately that I'm left to wonder if your difficult children have improved so much that you've upgraded them to former difficult child's...? If so, we want to know all of your secrets!!!
  2. Ltlredhen

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    Well, I could only wish. We just got back from the doctor, difficult child has yet another ear infection. Back on medications again. He was WILD in the doctor office. The doctor said to me, "he uses up all your energy, right?" lol.

    As far as behavior, he has slowly edged his way back into some sort of mania behavior. Cannot be still to save his life, talk non-stop while he is home. Has been going to bed at least 2 hours later than his usual time which has made for a long couple of weeks. Wonder if "March Madness" can come a little early? Who knows.

    He is doing well in school the teachers say. We get to school right as the bell rings for breakfast and he is ushered right through the line so that helps not having to deal with other kids as much.

    One bright spot, he has learned how to put on his own underware! :bravo:
  3. SRL

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    Thanks for the update. I was beginning to get a swollen head imagining that we give out such good advice that the difficult children were all cured. :rofl:

    Your difficult child and I are in the same boat once more. I was at the doctor yesterday as well and brought home a boatload of drugs for my head and chest woes.

    If you don't get a break in the action soon, might be a good thing to see an ENT. We spun our wheels for 3 years with difficult child before realizing he needed a higher level of treatment than the pediatrician would/could do.

    Bummer about the mania but a big hooray for the underwear. :bravo: Other mothers just wouldn't understand the thrill over the little things.

    My difficult child goes directly into the classroom in the morning on days when the other kids wait in the gym and it makes a huge difference in easing the start of his day. If the kids could sit by their friends in the gym lines instead of sitting in arrival order I think he'd choose the sensory load with friends. In the middle school the kids sit on the gym bleachers but they can sit next to anyone in their grade section and I've already been prepping him because I think he'll enjoy that as social time.
  4. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Oh- difficult child is good... besides the intense crying fits that turn into such emotional sobbing breakdowns it rips my heart out. And her anxiety has increased she is upset about the weight gain and is now self concious... is still depressed. Last week wanted me to kill her again by lighting her on fire!!! Has had an overall increase in lability I guess... but is still less violent!!! She is also getting over a cold... yuck. Her night terrors have gotten worse also!!!
    We are waiting for signs of March Madness also...

    But- we would not be doing this "good" without this site!!!!!

    Thanks for asking....

  5. Liahona

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    difficult child 2 had a sinus infection and everything I was supposed to be doing to help him went out the window. He seems to have days that are great eye contact comunication days and days that are no eye contact and lots of fits. We have an appointment with an Occupational Therapist (OT) for a sensory evaluation. The autism specialist wanted me to teach him to hand me a green card when ever he wanted help. This was to teach him that he needs to get my attention and I don't just mind read. (He'll stand there waiting for me to read his mind until he gets to meltdown THEN he might say/sign something.) Instead of using the card he picked up the word "help". Great! The only problem is that it didn't teach him to tell me that he needs help before he gets to meltdown stage. Anybody have sucess teaching a 2 year old that you don't read minds?

    The worst meltdown he had this month was in front of the EI person. LOL
  6. tiredmommy

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    SRL- Thanks for asking! Hope you are feeling better soon. :smile:
    Donna- Does the psychiatrist has any suggestions about the increasing mania? I'd be nervous about him getting too far out of control. :crazy2:
    Totoro- Isn't it amazing that difficult child is considered improved? :smile:Many {{{hugs}}}, when does she next get her medication levels checked and evaluated? *
    Emily- No successful tips for a 2 year old here, lol. :rofl: But I will say that Duckie's behaviors get way worse when she's ill or has an allergic reaction. And she would completely shut down when in sensory overload.
    Duckie has been a bit of an enigma lately. :confused: She's doing quite well, but has been getting tummy aches. I don't believe they are allergy related because of the strict diet she is on. I'm thinking she might be getting a little nasal drainage from a minor cold causing it. Other than that she's okay, but I've been sick with a bad cold. We have a wind chill advisory in effect for Monday, wish me luck that schools aren't closed. I need the break!:smile:
  7. Ltlredhen

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    We go back to the psychiatrist in one week and I was trying to hold off till then to talk to him about it. If it escalates much more I will call and talk to him. He does strange stuff, like hide things that I am using like a make-up brush and puts it behind a door, or hide a pen I'm using, things like that. He used to hide things behind a chair in the living room when he was not stable. Strange behavior I know. I can also tell by the look on his face when he is acting out that he is manic. I've seen it enough to recognize it now :wildone:

    I sure don't want the mania to get out of control if I can help it.

  8. tiredmommy

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    Donna, Duckie has horded things when she's had a bad reaction to a medication (both used for allergies). She would get that wild, other worldly look in her eyes. I'd call the doctor on Monday. I can only imagine how stressed difficult child must feel. Duckie seemed to be in a panic and absolutely compelled to do this.
  9. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    We are going in to see a new psychiatrist in our area "2-hours" away, at the end of March so we will be doing all of the re-evaluation etc. at that time. Othewise our Chicago psychiatrist didn't want to see us until May, she has been hard to just call and ask a medication question or anything like that... and when we do she won't have our charts and it seems so impersonal... so we are hoping someone closer that we can get in to see now that we have an actual diagnosis will get to know us and be a little more " hands-on" fingers crossed.
    And now that it looks like we are going to be evaluating easy child as well, I just can't see going back and forth to Chicago all the time...
    Our pediatrician agrees with our decision she has been very good.

    Our therapist wants the Occupational Therapist (OT) to see easy child and so does the Occupational Therapist (OT)... so far they definately see Sensory Integration Disorder (SID)... (sigh) As I look at more of my fellow cd Mom's I do notice a lot of difficult child 2's and I wonder if this stuff does happen more frequently like that??? I guess before I came here I never had heard of anyone with more than one difficult child... and I see a lot of us and now I am looking at the possibility... it is mind numbing.

    I know we will learn to deal with this and we will survive but every once in awhile you stop and say what did I do to deserve this??? What did any of us do??? I could handle one, but come on really??? TWO? Both of my children.

    I'll get over it once we figure out what is going on with easy child it is just so hard to even think about. Because she is so young I know we could have a long road again with this evaluation as well.

    I may be here
    Thanks for checking up on us

    Sorry I'm feeling a little whinnnnny tonight husband is getting ready to leave for the week...
  10. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Well-Known Member

    You did nothing to deserve this. Nothing. I find it best if I don't dwell on those thoughts because they really serve no purpose. It makes it all too personal for me, like I'm being punished.
    But I'm not being punished. My child is ill.
    {{{Hugs}}} It's okay to whine so long as it doesn't pull you down too far. :warrior:
  11. Andrea Danielle

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    Hi guys, I haven't written for a little while either. Things are coming along with difficult child, we are going to have an EEG done this week and then blood work and THEN finally, at long last he will start medication - he will start with Risperdal. They say it will help his Tourette's Syndrome and BiPolar (BP), so I look forward to getting started now. At least I feel that we have him seeing the very best specialists in the city for both disorders so they will monitor him closely. He also just started with an Occupational Therapist (OT) in the Tourette's Syndrome department, she is wonderful and totally gets kids like him. At the end of the month, we are taking him to a psychiatric who specializes in implemented Explosive Child techniques, she also works in the Tourette's Syndrome department so they will all be working together helping him. I am very positive about everything. Things are looking up!
    Not that his behaviour is great now but I at least feel that we are on the road to better days!

    Thanks for asking SRL! And your advice is terrific, I always love to hear your perspectives on things - if only they could be fixed with good advice alone :smirk:
    It is good to hear all of your updates. Does anyone know where Running for the Shelter has gone? I miss her!

    Take care!!!

  12. tiredmommy

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    I miss RFS as well, Andrea. I'm glad you can look forward to difficult child starting these new treatments, you've really gotten your ducks in a row! :warrior: