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Some background info:
I taught swimming lessons as a teen-aged life guard so I feel I am qualified to teach Duckie how to swim and basic water safety. The only thing is that she had become very anxious and would not allow any instruction from me. So, husband took over and she learned quite a bit last year. There is a good program offered through our school district, but participating children need to be 42" at the shoulder due to the pool depth. So I figured I would put her in the next summer or fall when she reached the requisite height.
Duckie and I were driving to a friend's house the other day and she started talking about getting swimming lessons. I asked her why she wouldn't let me teach her when I had already taught dozens of kids how to swim. She told me that she doesn't trust husband and myself not to let her drown and that she really doesn't intend to move past the "floaty" stage with husband. :hammer:
So, I asked her why she would trust someone I paid to teach her. She said she knew we wouldn't pay someone to do it that she couldn't trust. :rofl:
The good news is that she's agreed to let me teach her this summer after I pointed out that I really wouldn't let her drown. :warrior:
My Duckie... gotta love her! :bravo:


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RM, I really think it's her trying to justify her anxious reaction. She may end up doing better with another teacher for this, but I'll give it a shot after we re-open the pool in May or June.

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There are things that the tweedles will accept from "objective" individuals better than from mom & dad. Swimming lessons was something husband & I were willing to deal with rather than kt & wm's anxiety.

For them, if it was an out of home activity, husband & I let others handle the activity. We just sat in the background & enjoyed watching.


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I was thinking, too, maybe there's an anxiety issue there? You know, mom was a swimming teacher, maybe she feels there is an expectation there to do really well? An expectation she may not get from a stranger?

Just a thought. Good she caved in and is going to let you teach her :bravo: