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    Briefly, husband and I pulled daughter out of the public school system after she completed 5th grade. She has been enrolled in a private Lutheran school. She is currently having severe academic problems. About a month ago we took her to see a neurologist to rule out Asperger's syndrome, as her brother has been diagnosed recently and some of her behavior is similar (no real friends, not much interest in them either.)

    Neurologist says I'd like her to see child psychologist. We've been seeing her for about a month. Upshot of the matter is psychologist thinks if she is on the autistic spectrum she is extremely low, but her ADD is very evident, and her behavior is typical of a kid not diagnosed early, and also of a child who endured years of bullying and abuse in public school.

    husband says I don't know what to do with her come high school time, her school only runs through eighth grade and I'm terrified of the local high school. Psychologist says (and I quote) Oh I would NEVER have her attend a public school again. I don't know if it showed on my face, but I was definitely startled; I have had that sentiment ever since we pulled her over a year ago. But I thought Well that's just me and what do I know and besides do I really think any private school is capable of dealing with her .... yada, yada, yada. It would seem I knew more than I thought.

    Still don't know what to do about high school, but we're working on it.
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    Public high school is working great for my Aspie son. He had a lot of supports at first, but not now. He does have friends and nobody picks on him.

    We had him in a Catholic School for three years. I don't think they "got" Aspergers and he didn't learn a thing. Nobody would hang with him either. He walked around recess alone (although I'm not sure he cared. He's not very expressive. But my guess is it hurt him).

    Of course, all kids are different. Good luck, whatever you decide :D
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    Does your state offer an online high school? Check your state's dept of ed website.
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    You are worrying way too far in advance. First, you don't even have a solid diagnosis at this point....and even after you get a diagnosis you have several years of schooling and different interventions and therapies to go through.

    You have plenty of time to decide how to best handle her schooling for high school. Take it slow...