I am Going To STRANGLE HIM!!

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    That husband of mine may not live much longer. I am so mad right now, but I had to be super calm to talk to him because he is a great big BABY and of course if I am angry then he is a 'victim'.

    Victim my tushie.

    He came in and asked me why the gas was off. Well, I have been asleep since about 4, mostly because my body is screaming in pain today, one of the worst days I have had in a long time.

    He set up the utilities in his name only because he wanted to be able to set up a routine so that we would not assume each other had paid the bill when neither had. Okay by me. But you have to actually PAY the bill or set up autopay. He hates autopay. Feels out of control because you never know ahead of time how much it will be. All right.

    I just learned he hasn't paid the bill since our last fight about it.

    How hard is it to know that the first of the month you pay rent, storage, gas, electric, cable/phone/internet? that is five things. I think an orangutan could remember this.

    Why couldn't he pay it? THe kids ran off with all the mailbox keys. Um, no. They didn't exactly. YOU insisted on having the mailbox key. You had a reason, not something I care to fight over so no biggie IF you are doing it. He didn't. The kids started to get it. They would use his key. He never one time asked them for the key back. Sure, they should have given it to him or put it on the hood\l, but they are KIDS. thank you is notorious for losing keys. Has been since age 2 when he tried to flush mine. Giving that boy a key with-o threat of dire consequence is like putting it into a black hole. It just doesn't exist after that. So yeah, thank you has a little blame (though husband is blaming J instead, or tried until I shut that down, she is paranoid about getting locked out because thank you loses the keys) but honestly? When you KNOW from YEARS AND YEARS of the same thing, and you give the kid more keys and don't follow up? YOU own that blame. WTF did he think giving thank you the only key and never askiing about it would do?

    So now I am doing an online checklist, and will have to pester him each month. It is not rocket science, it is five stupid bills. He pays the storage on time because otherwise they might auction off his prized commodore 64. He has to be sure they won't auction it, because it is so valuable you know. Grrrrrrrrrrr.....

    I can live with flaky in a lot of things, but not bills. I can live with needing to be reminded, but not if you are going to bite my head off and tell the kids I am the big meanie if I even mention them. husband better get over this, or he is going to have one miserabibble life until he does.

    Bottom line, bills are due every month, even if you don't see the notification. Pay them anyway. You are a big boy and you CHOSE to set them up so that you have to be the one to deal with them. don't pull attitude with me, cause you cannot win that, not ever.

    by the way, miserabibble is what you are when you **** someone off enough that they are willing to devote energy and creativity like Tigger's to making you regret your choice of actions. Around here it tends to surface after the fifth or sixth go round on the same issue with no change on husband's part after repeated attempts to do whaatever he said he wanted/needed to make the bad situation not happen again. You have to work hard to earn miserabbible from me, but if you keep asking, I will honor your request.
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    been there done that and it's not fun. Fred didn't fully and totally step up to the plate until I started having true issues keeping them paid after the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). It didn't hurt that I warned him if one went unpaid he might not have a home to come back to. I'm anal about the monthly bills.
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    I would be a little annoyed, too. Well, maybe more than a little if I were in your position.