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    I have been looking for a very used trailer to put Cory and Mandy into for about a month now. Somehow I got hooked up with this woman when I went by a mobile home dealer asking them if they happened to have any old ones at the back of their lot. They pointed me in her direction. Evidently she is a broker who goes around finding really old places and either fixing them up to sell to other people or just selling run down places to people like me and making a little off the top.

    I think she makes most of her money on the moving of the trailers to be honest because her cost to move one is really high.

    She has shown me a couple of them and one I was okay with but like I said, the moving cost was high but the kids didnt like the trailer so it was a no go. We looked at another one yesterday and the kids liked it but then suddenly there were back taxes she didnt know about before hand, and again, the moving cost was going to be even more than the first one and it is about 15 miles closer to my house!

    Today she wants me to meet up to sign paperwork. Well that was okay until she got to the part about what the monthly payments were going to be to pay it all off because I had the cost of the trailer but not the moving and taxes. I was willing to say $300 a month but that wasnt good enough for her. She wants $300 a month and 100 a week. Uhhh...I dont know if they can do that and I am not signing something saying they can without talking to the kids. Then she wants me to meet up to give her a deposit anyway to hold the trailer. Uhhh NO! She isnt a real estate company, she isnt a mobile home dealer, she is someone I know as a phone number and a first name! Im not handing over even $25 for a deposit...lol. I was born on a Wednesday but not this Wednesday.

    Then she tries to tell me that the kids cant even turn on the power until they get the title in their names. That is so not true. If that was true, no one would have power because no one holds title on homes for 30 years...lol. Something just isnt right.

    I think I am going to be suddenly called out of town right about 11:45. Im supposed to meet her at 12:30. I have a feeling my grandmother just took ill. Yes that is it. I just looked over at her ashes...they look very ill. LOL.
  2. hearts and roses

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    I think you need to find someone else to work with after you're through tending to grandma. Someone with a good rep. My God - this woman sounds like a con artist!
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    This woman sounds like a MAJOR scam artist. There are a LOT of them connected with selling used mobile homes. Generally used mobile homes have very little value as for insurance purposes. They can often be purchased VERY reasonable IF you buy them from the owner. People like this woman get involved, jack up prices sky high for no reason except lining their own pockets and then often people who purchase the homes find that the "seller" either didn't actually own them or didn't pass the $$ along to the owner and suddenly you have a contract with the woman that is legally binding and you still have to pay the real owner. When my folks bought the property and trailer for my gfgbro a few years back they were warned of this scam by several different people. It is very common.

    I bet if you paid her fees you would end up with something worth about 1/3 of what you pay, a contract you cannot get out of and still owe money to the real owner. I am glad you figured her out. I bet she is giving kickbacks to the dealer who sent you to her.

    I hope you can find a good trailer for the kids at a fair price with no scam artists attached.
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    Wow Janet, this seems very not okay to me. Sounds like she is preying on those willing to take older mobile's, which to her probably makes them all seem more needy and more likely to get suckered into something not so straight and narrow. I think she sounds like a piece of scum to be honest. And she's trying to play the wrong woman, if only she knew Miss Janet lol. ;)

    Hope you find something suitable for the kids from someone reputable, I think its very kind of you to be working so hard on their behalf.

    As for your suddenly sick ashes ... I think I'd be blunt. As in "This seems like those stories you hear of people posing as professionals but who ultimately are scam artists. NOT INTERESTED". Grr!!!

    You're a smart cookie and sounds like she really underestimated you.
  6. HaoZi

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    I think you might also want to talk to whoever handles such scams in your state, like the State Attorney's office and the Better Business Bureau.
  7. Shari

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    Um...if you can afford $300 a month plus $100 a week, um....not sure you'd be looking purchase an older trailer...

    Yeah. Turn her butt in to someone.
  8. Hound dog

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    Scam artist to the max. Next she's gonna try to sell you the London Bridge. ugh

    I'd check with some local real estate people............maybe they could guide you in a much better direction. And I'd call back the guy that told you about this woman and tell him she's running a scam.........cuz it makes him look bad even if he's not involved because he's recommending her.

    Have you tried cheap cycle? Maybe someone has upgraded and has one they're wanting to sell.

  9. DammitJanet

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    I agree this woman is a con artist. Can you believe she somehow found out my address and came to my home!!!!

    I told her I wasnt gonna meet with her to pay this so called deposit but she didnt want to hear it so she kept talking over me telling me she would be waiting for me at the bank. Well I didnt show and I turned my phone off because she was stalker calling me. Next thing you know, I am sitting in my living room with my therapist and this woman shows up at my house! I ran into another room, made Billy answer the door and tell her I wasnt home...lmao. Yeah I know I should have just told her to take a hike but I was flustered.

    She told Billy the old line of "she has someone else willing to pay more for the home on hold so if I dont get back to her pronto, it is gonna sell" bit. Billy said she just gave him the willies. He is a really good salesman too so that is saying something.

    Im gonna have Tony call her tonight and tell her that something has come up and we cannot do this purchase right now. If and when we are able, we have her number and may get back to her. If she is pushy, we may say we have found out the septic tank is leaking or something. Then I am losing her number...lol. If she keeps calling me, I am changing my number. I do not like the fact that she somehow found out my address and then google mapped me to come to my house. Big time not okay to me. I would let out my Pit but she is in heat...sigh. I might just have Tony move my dog pen up around my steps...lol.
  10. 1905

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    Don't give her any excuses, the answer is, "NO". I'm sure if she had another buyer she wouldn't show up your house. That's so creepy! The fact that she was waiting at your bank is a huge red flag as well. She was so excited....she thought she had you.
  11. witzend

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    Look her up on the BBB site, and see if she has complaints. Contact the people that put you on to her and tell them that you intend to make a report to the police if she does not stop.
  12. DammitJanet

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    I dont even know her last name. Thats how creepy this is. All I have is a cell phone number and half the time she blocks her phone number so it comes up blocked call. I am now refusing to answer any call from blocked or private numbers.

    Cory agrees with me...we are not using her. Now we are going to look into getting him into a rent to own or maybe even a HUD housing place that Billy saw online.
  13. CrazyinVA

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    I wouldn't give her any excuses, either. Just say, we've changed our minds, we are not interested, please stop calling us, period. Any opening you give her (i.e., "we'll call you if we change our mind) will give her a reason to keep trying to contact you.

    If she shows up at the door again, answer it with the pit at your side ;-)