I am piura my mind!

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    I feel annoyed, aggravated and ready to snap all the time lately. I was blaming it on allergies, lack of sleep, the chronic pain in my knees, H being a turd, the dogs, my schedule, just about everything. But now I'm beginning to wonder if this isn't me...the real me. My hormones are all over the place...I think I could potentially be mistaken for a person with road rage most days, H and I seem to steer clear of one another more and more...me because I hate everyone, and him because he's afraid and better off steering clear rather than chance saying the wrong thing-and everything is the wrong thing these days!

    It used to be don't talk to mom until she's had at least one cup of coffee and never before 9am. Now it's just 'better see what mood she's in and be careful'.

    I'm not feeling like my self at all and it's been going on for months, getting worse for weeks. Who do I see about this? GP or gyno? I've spoken with my therapist and she doesn't seem to get perimeno, IF that's what this is. She's always telling me how great I am and even that's getting annoying!

    OMG, EVEN MY TITLE IS MESSED UP! IT WAS SUPPOSED TO READ, 'I'M OUTTA MY MIND'!! Maybe the stupid iPad does it's own spelling correction and piura is what it came up with? WTH is piura?

    Apparently piura is a city in Peru, which makes sense now...my mind is in Peru and I'm in CT.
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    Talk to your GP. He can give you something, maybe something similar to Prozac. My son gets his from the GP, he doesn't see anyone in the mental health field. Can you get away alone for a day? or longer? That does wonders to the soul.
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    oh H&R, I am so sorry. It sounds like it could be hormones and I would see my GP. My guess is that it's a combination of hormones AND stress, depression, yada..yada...yada!!! Get to a psychiatrist also. If you think about it, start writing down specific situations so you have "proof" that things are messed up. You may come across as "great" to therapist but he/she is going by 1) what they see while you're in the office OR 2) giving you "good vibes".

    Keep us posted. I hope that between the two "professionals", they can help you find some relief.
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    so sorry to hear that. I know the feeling. I had nasty PMS but now that I'm 50-mumblemumblesomething--it's letting up a bit. I can't take hormones because I had breast cancer, but I can take Effexor. You can take it 2 wks out of the mo, for the PMS stuff. Or you can try hormones. I don't know your age so I'm not sure what is going on.
    I have found that if I not only snap at people, but snap at them when they're not around, IOW, in my mind, (you know how hard it is to get people out of your mind when they're already on your nerves) and I think about negative situations a lot, then I need to pull myself up and either take a nap, eat something to get my blood sugar up, or check my calendar to see where I am in my cycle.
    Counseling helps, too, but judging from your note, I would go the medication route first. If you like your GP, go for it!
    Best of luck.
  5. Hound dog

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    I'd get checked by your GP. Might be he can give you something to ease the symptoms at least.

    Sounds like me at the peak of menopause. I was a she bear most of the time. Normally it isn't good to trigger my temper, but at least I can control it. During that time it was going off all the time and I couldn't control it, nor did I care. For me this phase only lasted several months. Then I was done with it and done with the menopause thing too.

    After effect of being a she bear for months..............I tend to not use my kill em with kindness skills so much anymore. I again can control my temper and keep it fairly low key, but I will let it rip if I feel the need. husband is not liking the after effect. lol
  6. ML

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    OMG it definitely sounds like menopause to me. I went through it early but still remember those days. I promise it does getter better. In the meantime extra self care. Hugs,
  7. hearts and roses

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    The sound of H breathing some days can send me over the edge...the flood he leaves on the bathroom counter every morning used to annoy me but now I actually will wait for him to leave for fear of what might come out of my mouth....I swear like I did pre-kids....I'm hot most of time or freezing the other part of the time...I literally envision myself smashing into stupid people on the road and chopping off H's feet at night from his twitching, argh...the dogs piercing bark makes my skin crawl...EVERYTHING BOTHERS ME! I just this moment had to give H a mini lecture on how he's a grown man and if he's hungry for lunch on a Sunday while we are both working outdoors, he's fully capable of figuring out what to eat for his freaking self...but no, he turns to me and asks, 'what were you thinking about for lunch?' as if because I have a vagina, it's my duty to anticipate his needs. Puh-leez. So I told him I was thinking of a grilled cheese and to get crackin', lol.My friend told me to go get some progesterone cream. Does anyone have any experience?
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    Hugs, Jo. I hear ya.
  9. DammitJanet

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    Jo...I think I love you today. I came here in tears and you actually made me smile. Thank you.
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    Yep- menopause- and it hoovers. I have to explain to smy son (at least I feel like I should) that maybe him going thru puberty at the same time I was starting menopause was a setup for disaster. BUt as others suggested, talk to your dr and make sure it sin't something else- he/she might want to do a physical just to rule out other things. And if by chance you just started taking an AD, that can do it, too.
  11. hearts and roses

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    I bought some progesterone cream yesterday afternoon and started it today. I can only take it until Friday, another 7 days is my period doesn't show up. We will see if/how this helps - or not. Thanks for the support.

    All that keeps running through my mind is the scene from Fried Green Tomatoes when Kathy Bates is telling Jessica Tandy about how horrible she feels and how she hates her life and feels out of control and Jessica Tandy tells her, "Oh, Dear, you have to go get yourself some hormones!" - LOLOLOL.
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    Oh, good! I forgot about the cream. I used that for several yrs and liked it. Can't use it now, though.
    Let us know.
    So sorry ... I hope you feel calmer and less on edge this week. And that your AC works. :)
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    OK - I am going to tell you to go to your Gyno if you trust him/her. They can test hormones. All of them. And just because you are in 'normal' ranges, it does not mean it is normal for you.

    I have been at my GP for months and all she keeps saying is have this AD, try the AD, I keep telling her I AM NOT DEPRESSED. I know what that is like and it is not like this. I have been depressed before and it is nothing like I have been feeling. I have not made the time for a special gyno appointment, I have a yearly in August - my office is a 'specialist' office and it is $40 to walk through the door!

    I have the same impatience and I have zero motivation or energy. I force myself, but I hate it the whole time. Quietly. So far.
    Let me know how the cream works! I am curious.
  14. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    HNR -

    I thought your post said "I am a pariah"......lol. So technically? I just thought you misspelled a word, which true is pretty uncommon for you. Still funny though. Pariah. Oh you slay me. As far as that progesterone cream? Is that something you can eat? Or do you wear it, or what? I dunno, but I can tell you that there are a few days a month where I have PMDD, and had it not been for losing weight, and adjusting my diet thanks to the diabetes test I think it's an AN1 or something test, dropping a lot of sugar and getting on triple AD's a day? I honestly felt that there were times when I was a danger to others. I wasn't joking when I went into the doctors office and said "If you don't help me, I'm going to end up in prison." It wasn't just road rage, or sensitivity issues off the chart. I needed and wanted to be so alone I couldn't even bear to hear anyone breathing or the sound of a ceiling fan or birds. Even wind annoyed me. I thought I was going nuts. And of course everyone sends you to your GP and he sends you to your OBGYN or a HRT doctor. Well that doesn't do a whole lot of good if it's not an obstetric or tutu problem. There are doctors, and most of them are female that deal with hormones and change of life issues who can and will do testing on you and are VERY MUCH more intune with what your needs are than an OBGYN, or a GP. I saw a woman on the Dr. Oz show and they took a woman that described what you have (I had) and sent her to different doctors but the one that specialized in change of life issues took one look at her and knew EXACTLY what to do. It was amazing. The supplements she put this woman on - and the way she explained how the ovaries are not putting out the estrogen and it depletes the brain of the same chemicals making the brain think you are going crazy and start to be mean....It would be worth your while to look up the show - find out what kind of doctor this was and seek out someone like that.

    As far as the leave Mom alone until she's had her coffee? Well here's a thought on that. It's power. It's time that YOU get Free and Clear......No one bothers you for ANYTHING. House could be on fire and no one would bother Mom. It's freedom, it's your time - it's a time that nothing and no one will invade your space. And you have gotten that time - how? By being grumpy. It's a defense mechanism that has worked over the years and it's a bit - GFGish - but ......it's worked right? And NOW? Well NOW you are like the Mother of ALL bears and REALLY grumpy - and everyone is walking a wider path around you because you are REALLY GRUMPY - and guess what? You're getting MORE latitude - more space, more FREEDOM, more left alone, LESS problems, LESS bothers, MORE people are solving their OWN crisis - and to be honest - WHAT is wrong with that? You've put in your time, you've been the Mom, you've raised your brood, You've been the wife, you've nearly attained world peace......and NOW? NOW if you are a little grumpy and get MORE space...so what? Well - the so what...is you deep down KNOWING - something is not right - something is a little GFGish within your own self - and if you saw this behavior in one of your own daughters? You'd be all over it ----but for now? It gets you an extra hour or two to think, alone, unbothered - to work out the rest of the junk that you can NOT control - so I wouldn't be too worried about getting and keeping it.

    When you can work it all out? You'll go back to normal.....stress, life, kids, husband, school - hormones, bills........life again....dreams not accomplished.....things....ugh.....yup. You are human. Reality is----even Wonder Woman needs a vacation and goes off in her invisible jet once in a while back to the Amazon to recharge her batteries and be alone.

    Try and find that Dr. Oz article about women doctors who deal specifically with Perimenopause.....I think it will benefit you greatly - not flip the switch overnight to make you turn that frown upside down or anyother lame junk like that - but it's a foot on the path to wellness - and I think a complete physical is probably in order too. never hurts to go to base and start from zero. And I think we talked about dropping the sugar before - so maybe you need an A1 test anyway ........and a thyroid....iron level.....typical girl stuff. Just to see. I know it's not your weight - but too much sugar is an anchor - and a mood breaker.

    Hugs -
  15. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Wendy, I will let you know for sure...if it works, or even helps a little bit, I will shout it out!Star, you manage to make everyone feel that they are not alone....is there anything you have not endured or experienced? Lol.Thanks ladies. I am due for my physical and my *new* Dr is an internal doctor, I trust her, and she will be sending me for bloodwork so I'll ask her to put all these other tests on the script.
  16. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911


    Okay - there is a block about 4 down that is the show I was talking about - click on IT and it will take you to a section that has


    and it answers a lot of questions you may/may not have about what's going on

    ALSO - just FYI - insulin is also a problem that a lot LOT LOT of women over 40 have a problem with and think - WELL I'm not eating any more than I was-----and I'm getting tired, overweight - I just don't know what's wrong. That's why I suggest getting the diabetes test to see if you are in range for being PRE-DIABETIC. If so - moderate diet and exercise can stop you from becoming full blown insuling injecting diabetic...... a LOT of the same symptoms as peri-menopause even heavy periods - can seem like pre-diabetes symptoms.

  17. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Well that just sounds like great fun.....thanks for the link!
  18. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Well it wasn't any great fun for me.....lol. Six years of symptoms that I went to specialists, doctors, diets, and helk......and was told by one diabetes specialist (now SHE is a specialist in diabetes and NEVER ran any test on me FOR diabetes so you can imagine that I will NEVER EVER RECOMMEND HER FOR AS MUCH AS A TONGUE DEPRESSOR) told me - "Well I think you are just cheating on your diet." Nope - I did exactly the diet she told me to do
    "E diets" and gained 22 lbs.

    There is a whole list of symptoms for pre-diabetics but the typical ones for me were: Mid-drift pear shaped weight gain, loss of hair on my head, gain of hair on my face, rosacea on cheeks, water weight gain on ankles and feet, no energy whatsoever, mood changes, tired all the time, period changes that would rival the worst periods of your life to the point where I considered oophorectomy and hystrectomy, irritability and mood swings worse than PMDD, memory loss, scattered thinking, and a bunch of other odd things - but overall? That was it. I had ZERO and less than zero energy. I was irritable like I could just kill someone and my mood swings were HORRID. I forgot my NAME, address, where I lived....(no kidding). I would cry in the DOG food aisle, and then ten minutes later want to kill someone for scuffing their shoes. I had 14 inch ankles, I was gaining about a size every other month - I was almost 300 lbs and going into a size 24. All my life I've been about a 9-10. After I adjusted my diet? Got on the right medication? I'm back to a size 7-8, in a way better mood, periods are like - meah...hair is not coming back but I'm not looking at 5 oclock shadow any more either and I've dropped 2 shoe sizes. From a 10.5 to an 8.5 ---Insulin, pancreas, liver----all that were my problem and I was told so many different things in six years - I literally began to plan a funeral. I was tested for brain tumors TWICE ---scleroderma, lupus is still on the table but I'm thinking - no, I do have anemia - bad anemia but it's genetic type, and I mean the junk they put me through was ridiculous. All of this could have been avoided YEARS ago with a glucose tolerance test - and a simple test for diabetes. That A1n or a1, an1 test. UGH - I'm still a little fuzzy on days. lol. But as long as my level stays below 5.9? I don't have to worry. And as long as my finger pricks stay below or around 100 every day? I'm good. In the 80's woulld be fantastic but I doubt it will ever be, and I usually cruise up to 120 and flux. When I started? I was in the 600's.....No WONDER I couldn't think. With fasting I went down to 299. So yeah - you may or may not be....and just because you are thin doesn't mean you aren't diabetic. So best to be tested.

    Stuff happens as we get older......just the way of it.
  19. hearts and roses

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    Okay, Star, I will get the test. I've started my list of questions, how convenient that my physical is next month. I just hope I have enough blood for them to take! And that I don't pass out from it...I hate that tapping thing they do on your arm before they stick you....ugh, I wanna be sick just thinking about it!
  20. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    FYI about the blood draw.....I pass out nearly every time because I have rolly-polly spider veins. And the smell of the alcohol AND the tapping makes me hit the ground.

    1.) TELL them do not ASK them - that you NEED to lay down to have your blood drawn. This allows you to RELAX, and allows the blood to flow more freely throughout your body.
    2.) HOLD YOUR NOSE, when they rub your arm with the alcohol. A nurse told me that most of her patients are upset by the smell of the alcohol. Once I started holding my nose? Basically I can set up, but still like to lay down.
    3.) Since I have ugly veins that blow up? They usually use a butterfly it's a pediatric needle and it's tiny and take it from the back of my hand. (I know gag) but it does NOT hurt me near as much to be stuck there. When I have any kind of MRI or anything like that? I have to be stuck in the foot. So yeah - I'm not talking out my nose here. Really bad veins.

    Try the lay down and hold your nose thing. I swear to you that hot flushy feeling? NEVER had it when I lay down to have my blood drawn from my arm.