I am ready to give up and give in

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    I just don't know what to do anymore. Our daughter is out of control. We can't afford the comprehensive evaluation. They do have free ones at the university but I would need all her biological father's information. Since I don't know who he is I don't have that info. But she just insists on everything "RIGHT NOW!!!!!" We always have to do what she wants to. We have been consistent in taking away toys and privileges. This does not seem to work. I am even having a hard time writing this thread because she insists on going NOW NOW NOW to the playground. I am seriously ready to just give in and let her rule the house and dictate what and when we do things. We are most likely going to have to get rid of our pets. Because she way too rough with them no matter how much we show her how to be soft and gentle. I just don't know what to do anymore.
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    If you tell them the story, they will probbly still see your daughter. Did you ask them? My son was adopted and we knew little about birthmom and NOTHING about birthdad a nd he was still able to be evaluated a nd helped so if they tell you that it's just a load of crapola. Lots of adopted kids get helped and this is the same as an adoption. Nobody ever turned us away.

    Without an evaluation, nothing is going to change no matter how you parent her because she is different and she can't learn in a typical way. I suggest taking her somewhere, even if you have to borrow money or pay it out. She isn't going to get any better without your knowing what is wrong and getting the right interventions. If you don't get help, you are in for a long, hard journey and a child who gets worse as she gets older.