I am so happy to find this site


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I am so happy to find this site!!! i have been so confused with my son the last 5 years. He is 10 years old and just recently has been diagnosed with odd. For the last 5 it has just been ADHD but the medications. NEVER would work for him he still has F's in all his subjects. Hstes school with a passion and most of the time hates me as well..I just want to cry many days thinking i am all alone. I knew there was more to it than just ADHD and thanks to his teachers help this year and a new therapist who actually listened to what i had to say I know, now what is wrong and it is not that i am just a bad mother and don't know how to handle my child.. So if anyone has any idea's or facts to throw my way about ODD, how to handle the yelling, the picking, the depression that i can see in my sons beautiful eyes everyday. Please throw them at me i need all the help i can get not to feel so sad about what is going on inside his little head. Thanks


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first off i think you will find that it helps all of us if you could put a signature similar to mine or others that helps us know who you are.

second there most everyone will suggest that you get the book "The Explosive Child". it has techniques that have helped a lot of us.

next will be if you have problems at school and you don't have one yet, start the process for an IEP.

otherwise just shoot your ?'s our way and the more experienced warrior moms should be able to help answer them. i have found that i learn a lot by reading the replies to others posts cuz we all are going thru similar stuff.


Sounds like my difficult child. Although many times tested for ADHD and always told no. ODD. Added to that was depression and severe anxiety. I tried to go with no medications. Until I realized how HE felt. HE had an anxiety breakdown. HE asked to be hospitalized, HE didn't have control over himself. HE was not happy.

Can only tell you what worked for me. Still have issues with school, in a battle now. He see's a psychiatrist, a psychologist/counselor, social worker - at school.


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Welcome. We're glad you found us, too. I'm sure you will learn
a great deal from our CD family members. Take your time and
read old posts, new posts and the Archives. You'll be amazed at
the wealth of information, guidance and comraderie.

I've got to get going. Later. DDD


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When my son was younger the ADD medications never worked either. Is he diagnosed at all with depression? You mentioned that he was depressed. If the ADD medications had an adequate trial and they did not work then it might be more then ADD. I don't think ODD is a great explanation unless he has been evaluated for other disorders. A mood disorder would not get better with ADD medications, and once the mood was under control with the proper medications the ODD behavior might go away for instance.

Does he have an IEP and behavioral plan in place at school? What might be the reason he is failing? Are they working with him there?

I feel like a good portion of my life was spent advocating for my son both in schools and in the psychiatrist's offices. Perhaps he needs a new evaluation from a different psychiatrist.


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Hi and welcome. Has he ever been evaluated by a Psychiatrist (with the MD) or a neuropsychologist? Do you have any mood disorders (bipolar, depression) on either side of the family tree? Any neurological problems in the family (quirky reltives, Aspergers, high functioning autism). ODD is not really a very useful diagnosis. because all our kids behave with ODD behaviors. The CAUSE of the ODD is more important. in my opinion if ADHD medications don't work for him, likely he has more going on than ADHD/ODD. I would get a new evaluation and use both a Psychiatrist (the doctor guy) and a neuropsychologist. If he is getting all F's you need to know if there is a psychiatric problem impeding his progress (that's what a psychiatrist is for) and if he has real, tangible learning problems (the neuropsychologist tests for that--a regular counselor or even regular psychologist doesn't normally do any testing). I am guessing with my "mom gut" and experience AND in my opinion (and I'm no doctor, but we went through so many wrong diagnosis. with son) that the diagnosis. is wrong and that's why he isn't being helped as well as she should be. ADHD medications can make certain disorders even worse. in my opinion, and years of experience, you do need an IEP, but the school district personal are horrible diagnosticians and until the child is stable and on track, the IEP can deal with the behaviors in strategic ways, but nothing will really change your child until he feels better. Teachers are educators and they don't usually know much about what is going on with our kids. They can tell you when something is wrong, but they should never suggest what it is because they don't know. Psychiatrists with MD's rarely make a diagnosis. of ODD. Often kids dxd. with ODD tend to do good on BiPolar (BP) medications, which makes it "iffy" if they have ODD or bipolar. Check with the big guns--Psychiatrists and NeuroPsychs. As always, JMHO


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Just wanted to say Hi and welcome. You will get much support and many suggestions here. We are a group of parents who have been there done that and understand what you are probably feeling. We have many differet diagnosis on our difficult child's and many different experiences that will influence what we have to offer in the way of advice. Each one of or kids is unique with their own quirks and difficulties. Take what you think is usful and leave the rest. -RM

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Just popping in to say hello and welcome. You are not alone, we are here for you and you will find great support.