I am sooooooooooo POed!!!

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  1. Hound dog

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    I really like my clinical instructor, all the way around, no doubt about it.

    But our clinical group this quarter has gotten the shaft big time.:mad: First it was the power struggle between the 2 clinical instructors over missed clinical days. Which at that point was only 2 days instructor called off due to illness and 2 days the hospital couldn't have us there because they were training staff to chart by computers and didn't want the added chaos. Our clinical instructor knew about the 2 days we wouldn't be allowed at the hospital due to computer training and had scheduled those days to be our pediatric project days.

    So other than the power play part.........at that point it wasn't too horrible. Missed days could be made up easily.

    Then the week after the hospital had their computer training.....we go in to find out they had told instructor it was for 2 wks, not only one. Two more missed days. The following week the clinical instructor called off both of the days. The next week she called off another day. So she had scheduled make up days. We were to go today and next sunday plus an extra 2 hrs each clinical day. BUT she called off wednesday of this week. AND she "forgot" to show up for clinical today!!!

    Grand total: We've missed a total of 7-8 clinical days!!!! This is without the 2 that counted for pediatric project days.:surprise:

    Now when you consider a quarter is only 12 wks long and we don't go to clinicals the 1st week or the last wk........and we go to clinical 2 days each week.........that is 18 clinical days, not counting those two we get off for projects.

    Our group has went maybe a total of 4 days.

    There is only 2 wks left in the quarter for clinicals.:surprise::faint::mad::mad:

    Our main instructor is having a major conniption fit. The Director of Nursing is positively LIVID!

    They have no clue how on earth they are going to manage to catch us up in time. They are thinking of throwing an additional class online so we can have that day for a clinical day.........but even if they do that it may not be enough. We've got people in class who work and can't just up and change their schedules at the drop of a hat. And our instructors also have other obligations. And there is no spare clinical instructor to take up the extra hours.

    So now here we are in the end of quarter crunch, which believe me is horrible enough, and we've got all these clinical days to make up. We've also got huge exams still for pharm and medication surg, not to mention finals. If we're constantly in clinicals, there will be NO study time. At all.

    I'm am not as young as I used to be. I can't do a 12 hr clinical shift and come home and study for hours. I come home, eat, and crash. Even if I tried, I wouldn't remember anything.

    And as if this isn't enough.............My blood pressure has been giving me fits due to fluid retention. All of this added stress is NOT helping it to come down and stay down.

    I get to worry about this until monday, when main instructor and DON hope to have come up with a workable plan.:faint:

    You have no IDEA how glad I will be when this quarter is over!!!
  2. KTMom91

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    Don't blame you a bit. I'd be PO'd too. Why did it take them so long to recognize your group hadn't been able to get your clinicals in? Don't they see you every week?
  3. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Mary, they would never have known if we hadn't contacted the main instructor to day to let her know of this weeks call offs. Each clinical instructor is supposed to be responsible for their own students. But our instructor has called off more days than she's shown up. AND we went 3 whole weeks with no clinicals at ALL. sheesh!

    Oddly enough, their RN program is nothing like this. And usually the LPN isn't either. We sort of got tossed to the wolves with the instructor who is retiring that did everything but teach. So they stuck main instructor in her place.......and now this.....but that is why there is no one to take over our clinical hours. And main instructor still has to make sure her group finishes theirs!

    An enormous mess. We students would have notified her sooner........but 1. we don't know how many clinical hours are required a quarter.....and 2. we never dreamed our instructor would call off this week, then turn around and "forget" to come in on a clinical makeup day. We had no clue that we were so darn far behind the other group. :(
  4. Fran

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    It sounds sort of unprofessional.
  5. mrscatinthehat

    mrscatinthehat Seussical

    That sounds very disorganized. I hope it all works out without too much trouble.
  6. ML

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    How utterly frustrating! However, I have no doubt that once again you'll do great. But I sure wish it didn't have to be this hard. I am so proud of you for doing this. Hugs, ML