I can't stop laughing!!

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    Do you remember (those of you who are old enough) when we had white cloth diapers, and occasionally you would see a line of laundry hanging with pale blue diapers, or pale yellow, or pink? That was when we accidentally put something coloured in the washing machine to boil with the cotton things.

    Well, I thought all of that was a thing of the past.

    These days, husband and I are alone, no children around because difficult child is in Australia, four months already, hurrah! So you would think all of that would be behind me.

    Well, no! First of all, I must explain that my husband is a very conservative guy. He will not wear tight underwear, and will only wear white underwear. White cotton singlets and white cotton underpants, boxers.

    Today I was so pleased, I thought I had finished with the laundry. I did a warm wash, and then a boil wash with cotton things -- towels, underwear, socks, etc. And -- yes, you guessed, I put in a deep plum coloured towel by mistake -- well, it wasn't exactly a mistake. It had been washed so many times with the warm wash that I thought the colour wouldn't run.

    Big mistake. Everything came out a very deep pink. I called my husband to see, and I started to laugh and I couldn't stop. I laughed and laughed and laughed, very loud. I don't know what the neighbours must have thought! And I am still giggling.

    Just thought I'd share that with my "family."

    Love, Esther

    PS. Have to go tomorrow morning and buy him new underwear! I can cope with mine being deep pink!
  2. Star*

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    Esther -

    That's hysterical! We have a RIT dye remover here in the States. It would remove the pink for you! But I gotta admit - Having plumish pink undies on a man - Not gonna go here either. Guess you have some fantastic new rags.

    lol -
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    Back when Jett played football, the practice uniforms were white (for grade school kids - what were they thinking?!)... Anyway, husband ran a load of them one weekday before practice, and saw the maroon blanket - tossed it in.

    I got home from work, checked the washer, and freaked - they were BRIGHT pink! Quick wash with bleach helped... Some. But can you imagine? 3rd grader with PINK pants & jersey?! OMG...
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    Oh, Esther...how funny!
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    Esther, my response went off in cyberspace. I imagine there was no need for discussion at your house. At my house, honestly, I don't think my husband would even notice. He just reaches in the drawer, pulls it out, puts it on and goes.
    He used to do his own laundry and somehow about five years ago or so he evidently decided he didn't want to do that or cook or ?? As a former card carrying member of NOW I can't believe I am a working senior citizen version of June Cleaver. :twister2: Thanks for sharing a funny...I needed that today! DDD
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    Hysterical! H would have a fit and I'd have to replace all his tighty-whiteys, lol. Very funny!!!
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    So when you dye them pink or plum? Then what are they? I mean no longer tighty whiteys?
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    That is awesome! Esp that you didn't get all upset. I remember my mom and gma commenting on how they wished that the various colors of baby clothes were available when we were little (both when I was and wehn my dad was). They described how embarrassing it was if you accidentally did that and had to hang colored "whites" on the line outside. If you have color catchers for sale there you can toss them itno a load and supposedly they keep colors from bleeding like that. One color catcher is supposed to work for 30 loads, or so that package says.
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    Too funny!

    husband and Travis have worn pink and purple underwear a time or two. lol
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    I remember the first place that I rented that came with a washer/dryer. It was empty when I put in my white sweater tank top and light cream button up sweater to wash on delicate cold..... Don't know what the last person had washed, but I had a lovely grey/blue matched sweater set when it came out of the wash.