I could spit!!!


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That child of mine has me so livid with her that I can't see straight!!! It's taken me over an hour to calm down enough to type. :mad:
She was pretty well behaved after school, but deteriorated quickly after dinner. Impulsive, whiny, not listening. A real PITA. She had Daisies tonight, so I took her against my better judgement. She promised she would pull it together and not act up even if some of the other girls were. She lied. :hammer:
We weren't there five minutes when I had to pull her. :grrr:
She wrote a bad word on the blackboard!!! :nonono: (Three letter word for donkey)
Then I had to listen how one of the other girls tattled. :rolleyes:
And a few other girls said the word. :slap:
I had already told her that her behavior is what I care about, not the other girls...
by the way, she also hates me & will be running away (insert hobo icon here :rolleyes:!).
"I" have embarrassed "her" by removing her from her meeting. :hypnosis:
She was sent right to bed and there will be no tv tomorrow or dessert through Saturday. And, if she likes writing this word so much, she can spend her afternoon writing it out repeatedly. :devil:


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I know you are upset but do you mind if I :rofl: at this? Im sorry! I truly am.

I can just imagine this tiny little girl having this tempter tantrum over this and how you are ruining her life after she wrote that word! OMG...another fit of giggles coming on

Trust me TM...this will get funnier...in about 15 years! You can torment her when she has kids.


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Trust me TM...this will get funnier...in about 15 years! You can torment her when she has kids.

No, Janet, it will start to be funny when she hands her troop leader a letter of apology at her next meeting. That's when I get to smile! :devil:


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Sorry this happened! Ugh..of course my 8yr easy child says that is a legal word because "it is in the Bible you know!" Umm so is spare the rod, spoil the child I tell him!


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Sorry for the rough night. I remember difficult child and even easy child one time telling me they were going to run away (not together or even at the same time). I offered to help pack their bags! I hope tomorrow is a better day.


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TM, my pcs said they were going to run away when they got mad. Early on I decided not to let them use this to upset me. My response was always, in a monotoned voice, "well, go get your clothes and tell me where you want to go and I'll take you". That made mine stop with the idle threats.



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I'm with Janet, it's sure painful at the time but once you get over your urge to strangle the little rascal it will be good for some laughs down the road. A few years ago difficult child got to sit out a recess detention for showing each other the finger...in the cafeteria...in front of a zillion lunchroom supervisors. I would have killed him at the time had I known but apparently that isn't even worth a parent contact when done by a 2nd grader in this day and age.


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Im really not laughing at you...really!


Write this in her baby book.

Now...when she has her first precious bundle of joy do remind her that you cant wait for that day when THAT child does this same thing to her...(insert evil grin)


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I gotta tell you all, this kid knows how to pull here you-know-what out of the coals, lol! :rofl:
It turns out she has won an "essay" contest and will be one of two kindergartners representing the school at an awards ceremony in May. She drew a picture & wrote 3 or 4 sentences about our church deacon being so helpful to our family when my grandmother was dying last month. :warrior:
I had heard yesterday through the grapevine that she was a finalist (from her classroom) but we received a letter today stating she had won. :princess:
It's so hard to stay angry with her! :smile: