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    2 weeks ago Carson and I met his Father for a doctors appointment. It had blood work and other labs. Carson For had never had either. Based on Carson's weight gain (30+ pounds in a years time), we decided to take him off the Respiridone and due to sleepiness and falling asleep in clasd we decided to wean off Intuniv
    Carsons blood work came back fine. We weaned off the medications over Spring Break. The "bunny rabbit nose" tic is almost gonne.
    But. (You knew one was coming) He is defiant. Difficult. Whiny. Obnoxious. Been in trouble Monday and Tuesday at school. For leaving class without permission to go to the bathroom. For shaking his wet hands on another student. For disrupting class. Interferring with the learning of others. This morning, he stood up in class, picking his nose and declaring he was "digging for gold". The principal told me he had no one to cover OCS...so I had to take him home.

    Why is it so hard to help them. I am so tired and discouraged. Nothing seems to help. Our doctor is trying to get Carson tested at Scottish Rite in Dallas. I hope to find something that can explain. Something. And help us find something to help him. Sigh.
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    Until you get to the bottom of ALL of the issues and challenges... anything else is just a stab in the dark.
    difficult child knows that he can't handle stuff, but can't necessarily tell you what those things are.
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    Chaosuncontained...I live in the Dallas area. My 6 year old adopted daughter (originally diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) and PTSD/DTD...but was easily ADHD, ODD, anxiety disorder, sensory processing disorder (SPD)) does a therapy that you might be interested in...and will clear up most if not all ADHD challenges along with anything else neurologically based. If it's okay with you, I'll PM you with details (I wrote it to share with others here). It's a long message so let me know if you'd like the info (I have to send it in 7 PMs because it's too long). The therapy is called Neurological Reorganization (NR) and our practitioner travels to the Dallas area every 3 months to do evaluations and re-evaluations...and assign new "exercises". She'll be back again in early June. If you are interested, you'd want to make an appointment soon because her schedule fills quickly. This is the greatest therapy ever because it gets to the ROOT of neurological challenges in our kiddos...and heals the brain. It's not any easy therapy because it must be done everyday but it has literally saved my daughter's life (our lives!). We are almost 3 years into the therapy and my daughter is a completely different kid. She started Kindergarten in the fall and she's thriving. She will hopefully graduate from the program in 6 to 9 months. There's a local DFW FaceBook support group that was just started by another mom...group is for families doing NR therapy with their kids. There's also a yahoo support group. There is also another therapy we've done called Brain Integration Technique (BIT) that we did with our daughter last summer (info also in my long PM message). Our practitioner is coming back to the Dallas area in late April or early May...and she'll be working with my daughter and a handful of other families. BIT is highly beneficial and works wonders for ADD and ADHD. I'm also available to chat by phone if you'd like. I know this group encourages anonymity but I'm open and willing to share with anyone and everyone because we've had such success with these therapies (along with one other therapy). Oh also, both of these practitioners will work with you if there's a financial need. They are both angels (our BIT practitioner is actually a Franciscan nun if you believe it!) and want to make these therapies available to the many who need it. Let me know if I can PM you with the info. Best to you.
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    Re: the Intuniv - have you tried giving it to him at different times to see if it made a difference with the daytime sleepiness? What dose was the Intuniv? My difficult child takes 2 mg (3 mg was too much). He takes it in the morning with his Concerta. Some ppl say they take it at night, or after school.

    My difficult child has these same characteristics from your post (below) - is it really ADHD?, I mean to me it just seems like a certain 'type of child' and the experts haven't really discovered what it really is yet.


    My son will get irritated over it being sunny, or windy, or because it's 2:00 when he thought it should be 1:00, if it doesn't snow when the weather report said it would, etc. If he loses at a game it is because everyone else is cheating or hacking or lying. Everything seems to irritate him. You name it. He is just overall "difficult". Maybe this is *not* a disorder, maybe it is his temperament. I am as lost as I was when I started this journey to figure it all out. So I am playing with idea of just learning how to "deal" with him the way he is. It takes all kinds of people and personalities and temperaments to make the world go round.