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    Remember a few days ago we had the discussion going on about pit bulls? We were talking about all the misconceptions about these dogs and I had made the comment that there were so many other breeds that are commonly mistaken for pit bulls and that most people wouldn't know one if they saw one! I mentioned that I had seen a page somewhere on the internet that showed several different dog breeds, a test to see if you can pick out which one is the real pit bull ... I FOUND IT!

    Pet Pitbull - Find the Pit Bull

    Just for fun, take this little test and see if you can find the pit bull. The dogs pictured are all AKC registered dogs and are all considered to be good representatives of their breed - none of these dogs are mixed breeds. Most people fail the test miserably, including me and I'm pretty up on dog breeds. But this just goes to show what a horrible idea BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) would be!

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    Nina looks more like number 3 and 24. Not as much like the american pit bull terrier. Maybe she isnt really a true pit bull. Of course she is black and white like those are too but her ears are more shaped that way too and her stance is that way when she isnt cowering on my bed...lol.
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    I'm still trying to figure out how anyone can mistake a swiss mountain dog for a pit bill, but ok. lol

    There are many variations on the "bull dog". We have an american bull dog pup down the alley. Such s sweetie and if his owners don't start caring for him properly he may suddenly vanish one day. What ticks me off is that it might not be a rescuer who makes him vanish. Dog fighting is popular around here. And they don't just use "pit bulls" either. A dog owner has to watch over their dogs like one would a small child for that reason. Now that we have several community fb pages, one comes up with a lost dog and puts out the alert you've got most of the town watching for it and they are found rather quickly.

    We do have one pit bull that roams the neighborhood. She's a love dog who gets off her chain on a reg basis. I wish her owners would buy her a kennel already, before someone picks her up for fighting.
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    Lisa, I can't understand how people can makes those mistakes either but I've even had people ask me if my Bostons were "miniature pit bulls" or "miniature boxers"! There's an unbelievable amount of ignorance out there!

    And that's very scary about the dog fighting going on in your area and people's dogs being stolen! And in areas where dog fighting goes on, it's not just the bigger dogs that are at risk. These scumbags will steal dogs of any size right out of people's yards to use as "bait dogs" for their dogfighting ring, where they will literally be torn to pieces! They have even caught people who adopt dogs out of shelters to use as "bait dogs". Sick! Sick! Sick!
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    I couldn't find him for a long time... but I dont have fear of them. I have only known mixed pits but I have loved every one I met. I am more afraid of any dog not taught manners.
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    Or a Roti... or a LABRADOR? Come on! (there's reasons why the lab is one of the most preferred dogs for seeing eye dogs!)
    No, I didn't get it on the first cut either - but some of the dogs in the list are not exactly common...
  7. donna723

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    I don't see how people could mistake most Labs for a pit bull either but I've seen a few that were questionable. I knew people who had three black Labs, two females and a male. They were all really big but the male was HUGE! He was sweet and harmless but he was so big and so muscular and blocky, he could easily be mistaken for a pit bull. I didn't know Labs got that big! They would let the dogs out in the evening and they roamed around the neighborhood. Then the male started coming home with little "treasures"! He would come home carrying shoes or men's shirts or jackets, once he had a paper bag with sandwiches in it! Then one night they looked out and saw him trotting down the street with five cans of beer from a six-pack, still in the plastic rings! It was dangling from his mouth and swinging back and forth as he walked! Turns out they were building more homes a few blocks away and some of the construction workers were living on the site in a trailer. The dog would go visit every evening and he was big enough and forbidding enough that he could intimidate them into letting him have whatever he wanted ... even their lunches!
  8. Hound dog

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    LOL donna. Labs, especially males, can get pretty darn big. Rowdy is good size himself, but I've seen many much larger than him.
  9. AnnieO

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    I'll be honest. Aside from my Bubbles, I don't like dogs.

    BUT... I'd rather be around bigger dogs... OR a pit bull, rottweiler or junkyard doberman than a small yappy dog. Most of the small dogs I have come into contact with are MEAN.
  10. InsaneCdn

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    Donna - are you sure that was a LAB and not a Lab/Newfie cross? Its a common cross, and the Newfie is bigger, especially the males... Newfie thinks different than a Lab, but just as friendly.
  11. donna723

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    No, these three were all AKC registered Labs. The one female was the mother of the other two. They were absolutely gorgeous dogs, just very, very big and the male was really muscular.
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    I had it narrowed down to 3- and they were all wrong. LOL! I didn't pick the bernese mountain dog though- I thought some were obviously not pit bulls. This is a good "eye-opener", Donna.
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    I cannot tell you the number of time our boxers, especially the brindles, have been "mistaken" for pit bulls. Any time someone brings up our stupid pit bull law (it actually states that the dog can be 1/4 pit bull - how in the heck do you determine that) I pull this page up for them. I've pulled it up for police officers (who, by the way, hate the law). We've fought to have it be a vicious dog law, but to no avail. It's been illegal to "own" a pit bull (unless grandfathered in) since 2000, so most of those should be close to gone now, and we see numerous dogs daily on the streets. The police have better things to do than cite folks for a dog (unless it attacks).

    And I agree with whomever said they'd rather be around a big dog (most of which think they are lap dogs and won't do a thing to you unless you take "their" couch) than a little ankle biter. I grew up with a mini-dacshund, meanest dog in the world.
  14. 1905

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    OMG, I clicked on so many and never found it!
  15. Hound dog

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    Skeeter, I adore boxers. husband's bro's family got me hooked on them. Neighbor across the street has one, very well behaved young male........Betsy is itching to go visit. lol

    Our pound, even the no kill shelters, are supposed to put down any pit bulls that come through. Since our no kill shelter can't seem to figure out dog breeds worth a hoot.......it makes me wonder how many innocent dogs are getting the label and being put down.

    I owned a dacshund as a child, trained him myself. He actually had minimal social with adults. Very sweet dog, very patient with kids. Rarely barked. Actually, he wasn't just patient with kids, he adored kids. But that's who he was with most of the time so I suppose that makes sense. (I think he thought he was a big dog too lol )

    I avoid small dogs. I haven't overall had great experiences with them and the sound of their barks to me is like fingernails down a blackboard. I can enjoy someone else's well behaved small dog.....and keep my big ones. lol
  16. DazedandConfused

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    Some were obvious, some not so much. I got it on the forth try. I've known some really sweet and gentle pits.