I get it


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I finally get it. The last 2 years difficult child has gotten teachers who are fairly young in age and experience, and new to his school. I never could figure this out untill I had a flash of brilliance.

They do not know difficult child. They do not have any predetermined ideas about him. They are willing to give him a chance. So far he is having a great year, and his teacher does not understand why all the other teachers have warned her about difficult child. :rofl: I understand. Get this---- he raises his hand to speak, even before he speaks!! :faint: I do not think he has ever done that before.


They all deserve a fresh start. They grow and mature each year. Any teacher should give them a fresh start.

Unfortunately that isn't happening for difficult child. Glad it is for you. so much less stress on everyone.


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I have had the best success well, difficult child has, with younger teachers. Less set in their way, fresher, more willing to understand that all children learn differently, perhaps more recent training on "challenging students" and willing to use some creative techniques to help them.

Glad the year is staring off so well for difficult child.



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:hammer: Yes, she is. See, I just feel really dense. Males are so different than females in how they think it is not even funny. At least for me.
This is wonderful news about difficult child's good start! I have learned that one cannot underestimate the importance of a teacher "liking" a difficult child. When they just don't like difficult child as a person in general, the trouble always begins. I have noticed that the younger teachers often do like our difficult child more - they just tend to be more open and less judgmental. I wish that more of the more experienced teachers could welcome difficult child that way as well, but I think some of them sometimes become weary of the effort that it takes. (And it does take serious effort with our difficult child!)


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Funny, I did that once to difficult child's 1st gr teacher. I warned her that he was hyper and wild and she'd have to really keep him in line. When it came time for parent-teacher conferences, she said, "Wow, your son isn't as bad as you made him out to be. He's just really energetic and needs rules. You really scared me."

I had to laugh ... but the diff from one teacher to the next is so monumental ... just like the diff from one parent to the next. She was a strong person, with-lots of energy, so to her, it was no big deal.

Thank d*G for teachers like her ... and for your difficult child's teacher, CrazyMama! :smile:


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Terry- this teacher said about the same thing. Her classroom is right next to last year's teachers classroom, so they talked about difficult child (I encouraged this as I wanted the new teacher to have a good picture of difficult child, and I liked last years teacher). She was getting nervous, but apparently about nothing. She has essentially said he has been perfect. Now he has gotten in trouble on the bus already, but we live close enough he can walk if he needs to, he just doesn't want to.

What really cracks me up is these teachers look like they are 16!! They are little tiny and so young looking. I wonder if he doesn't get crushes on them.


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You think thats bad...a girl that Cory is dating now told me her friend who is still in high school has a teacher that graduated with JAMIE!!!!!

Ok...now that is just freaky. My kids are old enough to be teachers now...and one of them is dating a kid who knows a kid in high school who is ...ok...this is getting confusing...lmao.