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    I got all the signatures I need for the petition to put my name in for the school board. I have to go sign the papers in front of a notary so I will call the bank tommorow and see if they have one. I have until Thursday but like the idea of getting everything in ahead of time. No reason to wait til the last minute.

    Several people have been incredibly supportive of this. They like the idea of someone that isn't "all high and mighty" doing this. The neighbor said he was glad that one maybe someone would look our for some of our kids. I said yep along with the rest. I about crapped when I had someone send an email asking me about the fact I was running (I had no idea it had been on the radio). It boggles the mind how fast things flurish through the media.

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    Congratualtions! That was really quick... just remember, once you are "in", encourage them to share the tactics that work with other states!

    Way To Go!!!
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

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    Beth, this is such wonderful news! You're going to be brilliant in this role! Don't let them go "political" on you like they do around here! We have a group that funnels issues to the Chancellor on behalf of the entire Island and they spent 6 mos. arguing about naming a school. Accomplished nothing else. Just naming a school!

    I'm as confident as your neighbors on that you're the one for the job!

    the Other Beth
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    Good luck Beth! I admire your desire for public service.

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    That's so neat, Beth.
    I'm glad you're doing it ahead of time. So many people wait until the last min. and then find out that half the signatures were from people who weren't registered voters. Way To Go.
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    Woooot! Woooot! Go Get "em Beth!! :D

    Our school board is so buddy-buddy good 'ol boy it gags me. I just don't have the stomach for that sort of thing.
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    All I saw was -

    I GOT EM

    And I thought -

    YES YOU DO!!!!!!

    (going to corner now - but in my defense.......wouldn't you have to have 'em to be the Mom of 2 difficult child's and run for a school board position??)

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    Go get 'em!
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    Congrats! I'm sure you will do an awesome job when you are elected!