I guess this isn't so bad


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The holidays are proceeding. We did not see YS on Xmas Day but we stopped by to give him his gifts a few days early. We went to his father's house. He was pleasant and we had a nice time with him. He returns to school after winter break. There is an IEP meeting set during that first week. For our own sanity and also the fact that YS will not accept our help/parenting anyway, wife and I are practicing detachment and we may not even attend this meeting.

My family is wonderful and we have enjoyed spending time with them these past couple of days.

DS is off doing god knows what, god knows where with god knows who. He is not returning texts or calls from anyone in the family including his grandparents. During our visit with YS he hid upstairs. His father lied for him and said he was out with friends, but we could hear him coughing upstairs. We have accepted this too.

We did not buy either child expensive, over the top gifts. Each got a few practical items.

YS and grandparents had a blow up and now they are not speaking. It just goes on and on. Detachment is the key to my sanity as it's impossible to keep up with the drama.

Wife and I are going out of town for New Year's, and we are so looking forward to having some fun!


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I am glad you are enjoying the time with your parents. It is about time you did something you enjoyed!! The plans for a trip out of town are great. It is an excellent idea to go away and have fun and reconnect, and New Year's Eve is a great excuse to cut loose.

As for the boys, there really isn't any way that you can make them do anything. Remember, they are not little kids and there are plenty of adults around them who are going to undo anything you might attempt to do.


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On some level it must be a relief to let go of the drama, even if it means that underneath it all you are still worrying. ((hugs)) Enjoy your NYE trip and the rest of the holidays. xo