I HATE this moving garbage!!!!!


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Okay, she's resigned to moving to a retirement community. She's resigned to most of our furniture is not coming. She's happy we'll be making a couple of stops to have some fun. BUT SHE IS BEING A ROYAL PAIN IN THE TUSH!!!!

She's not a morning person to put it mildly. So, having to get up so we can pack before it gets too hot is part of the problem. The stress and fear of the move is obviously part of it, too. However, I'm not sure how much more I can walk around on tiptoes. Nothing satisfies her. Nothing is right. She even yelled at me for saying "morning" today and, sadly, I'm starting to snap back! I'm not sure either of us can take 3 more weeks of this.

Any suggestions? I'd love to take a break from all of it but we really don't have time.


(the future) MRS. GERE
:hypnosis: Focus on the goal.Focus on the goal.Focus on the goal.:hypnosis:

Post pictures of your new community on the refrigerator, on the front and back doors. When she gets loud, visualize the end result.

Moving isn't easy. Upheaval in your life isn't easy. Starting over isn't easy.

Turn your ears off to her complaining and tell yourself that it is worth it...worth it...WORTH IT!

It is! :smile: