I have a Fish with Fur

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    I think Maggie's Mommy's owner pegged Daddy wrong. I've never gotten the impression that st. bernards were water loving dogs. Actually, my aunt's st. b would take off at the sight of water. LOL

    Whatever she's mixed with, she has super dense water resistant fur, which is making her miserable in this latest heat wave. Managing to get her soaked to the skin for a bath proves super hard......and oddly enough, she dries really really fast. I can bathe molly or rowdy and they'll at least stay damp for hours. Both have that undercoat thing going on although rowdy's is denser (by a ton) than Molly's. But Rowdy is not that hard to soak to the skin.......not as easy as Molly, but not anywhere near as hard as Maggie.

    Her coloring isn't helpful in determining what Daddy might have been because her colors resemble mom who also had a some what longish odd coat. Mom is no doubt a shepard mix, you could see it in her too clearly, but mixed with what no one knows. Her fur when I picked Molly up was a little scraggly, she needed brushing.......will have to ask easy child but when I think about it, it somewhat reminds me of a golden's coat.

    And yet the male pups........all resembled st. b pups and they were almost twice the size of Maggie. So dunno.

    Today is supposed to be the last day of this latest heat wave. Thank god. After today it's supposed to be really nice. But then Maggie can over heat in 80 degrees......or at least act like she's gotten too hot because she'll want to swim or lay in her water dish. Inside isn't as bad though.......unless she's zipping around the house. So I guess I'm going to have to give in and put the AC units in for the super hot days. Not just for her, although I would, but Molly is NOT tolerating heat and got super cranky (to the point of needing a time out) with Maggie yesterday simply because she was determined to play with her ball when it was too hot to do so and SHE got over heated......and it's difficult to cool back down in a house with no ac in 96 degrees.

    I picked up a galvanized tub and fill it with about an inch or two of water........and Maggie goes nuts. She dunks her head on purpose, she "swims", she lies in it.....until she's cooled off, then will go play again until too hot, then it's back in the tub.

    I have a pow wow to attend on Saturday and I can't keep her crated all day where she can't get to water. So I'm buying her a harness collar and she'll be out on the lead (it's a lead run, she can go the whole yard and not get tangled, it's Rowdy's). Since she'll swim in her water bowl and then not have water and the tub is too tall for her to get into on her own......I'm going to pick up a plastic wading pool in the morning and have about 2 inches of water in it for her to either drink or swim in to her hearts content. She'll be in the shade the entire time I'm gone. And I'll leave molly out with her without the ball so she won't be scared or lonely. I'll be home by suppertime.

    IC suggested maybe she's a Newfy mix. Maybe. Mom's owner said the dad was st b and rottie......and if she didn't know her breeds, you see an enormous black dog in your yard who resembles a st b with a solid black coat.........Well, it's possible I suppose. Male pups could've gotten their tri coloring from mom, she had that sort of going on.....just with the longer coat and more blended together like Maggie than separate colors. I doubt seriously Mom is mixed with anything big as her body shape/size indicates no.

    Either way, keeping Maggie cool while making sure she's getting her exercise is a challenge. I have a fish who wants very badly to "herd". Most comical thing I've ever seen. :rofl:

    I've never ever seen a dog so wanting to be in the water, and I fostered a Newfy pup for a couple of weeks. He sort of liked it, but nothing like Maggie does.

    This morning's play time in the yard (I have to work today and wanted her to run and play before it got too hot), I forgot her tub. I thought oh well it's only 80 something not too bad.........Maggie ran and played like mad..........then suddenly was too hot. First time ever she made a beeline for the gate (she plays around it often but won't go through unless I do) and right through it. So I went after her. She was sitting at the back door wanting inside......she came in to cool off in the water dish. From now on I'll make sure her tub is out there when she is and is ready to go.

    She's proven to be unique that is for sure. But she's a sweetie who loves everyone with boundless energy. LOL We're working on "sit" right now. She'll already come when called without too much trouble......except when she wants water. She's not so sure about "fetch" yet, she'll play but gets bored with it easily right now.

    by the way do goldies like water like that? easy child has had one.......but I don't recall her being like that with water........ Sort of hard to figure out what you're dealing with when Mom is somewhat a Heinz and I didn't get to see dad because he's someone elses dog.
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    The biggest water-lovers I know of are Labs (and some other retrievers), Newfies, and Spaniels, but there are probably others.

    And with Maggie's love of chewing? Might have BOTH Lab and Newfie...

    Other ways to cool her off... freeze some stock in chunks - like, small round plastic - no sharp edges. Then, when she's hot, give it to her to chew on. Satisfies both the chew need and the cool-off need.

    Or wrap an ice pack in a couple of towels, and put it in her kennel. If she's really hot, she'll lay right on top of it.
  3. Hound dog

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    Ohh, I like that ice pack idea. I'll have Travis do that for her this afternoon!

    Water, chewing...................and another clue.........digging. If she gets excited, she digs like a nut case. LOL Rowdy and Betsy both liked to dig........Rowdy would dig OUT or a place to lie down.....Betsy would dig for the fun of it until I found a way for her to "forget" the behavior. She'd only dig in the back yard. So for a period of about 3 months she wasn't allowed in the back yard. Digging stopped. Couldn't do that with Rowdy, he's an outside dog. (first and last one I'll ever have too)

    I do ice in the water dish for Molly. And if it's really hot, she gets ice cubes on the floor. Hmm. Darn it I should've done that for her when she was so hot yesterday.......didn't think of it. ugh When she was younger mother in law and or Nichole would slip her ice cream. mother in law did it in a dish and dared me to say no. (yeah right!) And Nichole always shared her ice cream cones. LOL
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    I had a Samoyed who ADORED water. Of course, when we got her we lived in the desert southwest. But... Rainbow had countless hard-plastic pools that we would fill about 4" with water and she would dig at the fish printed on the bottom... Chase the sprinkler... Anything. If her pool got too low on water she'd drag it around the yard till we filled it again, which was extremely humorous to watch when she was a puppy.

    Which is probably why Bubbles makes me shake my head... He HATES water.
  5. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    You named him Bubbles and he hates water?? :rofl:

    I had a friend who had a dog named Mr Puddles, think BIG heinz dog (I think he was so mixed they never quite figured out what he was). I used to think she named him that for puppy puddles........but thought who would saddle such a big dog with such a wimpy name? Then it rained once while I was there...........and the silly huge dog was outside hopping in all the puddles! Hence his name Mr Puddles. :rofl:
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    Interesting tidbit about pure Newfies...

    They say, if you have a pool, then you MUST fence the Newfie OUT.
    Not for the sake of the dog, but because...

    If you are in the pool and the dog is around, the dog will "assume" you are in distress and will "rescue" you. Over and over and over again. It's really hard to share a pool with a Newfie!
  7. AnnieO

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    Well, err... Not exactly...

    You see, that's the name I use for him here... Though honestly it is one of his nicknames. Real name is Buster - cause he kept getting BUSTED doing things he shouldn't (like jumping on the sofa).

    Ex-brother in law began calling him Bubbles a LONG time ago. No clue why. It stuck... He's a mutt. It's like Weasel (aka AngelKitten), Possum and Squirrel - those are also nicknames...