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I am a bit scared. I have a rather large lump sort of between my breast and my armpit. It is, and has been, sore for almost a year. Two docs told me to use hot compresses and it would go away, that it was nothing to worry about. I was uneasy with this advice. I am seeing a new primary care doctor largely because i was uncomfortable with the way they just brushed it off with-o even examining it. The new doctor took a look at it, examined it as thoroughly as he could, and then immediately got me in for the first mammogram exam he could. He wanted me to go on Monday but I have another doctor appointment in the city, so I go first thing Tues morning.

I am a bit rattled by his intense concern. The other docs really just brushed it off, and I wasn't sure what to expect from him when I asked about this. I keep a calendar where I jot down any new medication issues so that I can keep track of when they started and if they got worse. I first noticed this almost a year ago, and it has more than doubled in size. If I raise my arm for very long, it will hurt even worse for a few hours. I hope it is just something benign and nothing to worry about, but I am just not sure.

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Hi Susie, I can understand your concern and I'm glad that you will be going in for a mammo. It could be an infected lymph gland.
The fact that it hurts can mean infection.

When I had cancer (lymphoma) my tumors did not hurt and were solid in place that they didn't move when touched.

Hang in there!! I'm really glad you found a Dr. that is addressing this.

Let us know how things go.



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Don't anticipate anything. This doctor is being careful. Sounds like a good, cautious doctor.

I'm glad he ordered a mammo. I would have demanded one at first but at least it's being taken care of now.


And if a mammo doesn't satisfy...demand more testing ...patients have a right for many opinions.

Breathe....and prayers for healing!


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Great that you are getting this checked out quickly. I had a lump in a similar area, but it turned out to be an enlarged lymph node. It went away on its own. I have had to have breast cysts aspirated, but the doctor said most cysts are benign.

Hopefully you will get answers soon. KSM


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It is good that it will be checked out. This doctor took your concerns seriously and that's what they are supposed to do.


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I am so glad you are getting the mammogram!

Please let us know as soon as you know anything. I get one every year (mammogram), and I get the results within 24 hours, often the same day, so you probably don't have long to wait before you know what is going on (if anything).

I will be thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way.



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I will update as soon as I know anything. I have to call tomorrow to make sure I am going to the right place. When I had my last mammogram they told me that if there were any symptoms then the test had to be done in another location. But when this one was scheduled by the doctor they gave me the address of the first place. It was late on Thurs and I had a migraine all day Fri and couldn't call anyone to check. So I have to check tomorrow morning to be sure of where to go.

But I will be sure to update as soon as I know anything. Thanks everyone!


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Glad you are getting it checked out. I go for a mammo every year and am going today as a matter of fact.

Not fun but we have to take time to care of our own health!


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I too am glad you are getting it checked out via mammogram. I'm glad the doctor took you seriously.

As a side note: I've read about mammograms exposing the breast to a small amount of radiation. If one gets a mammogram yearly from age thirty onward, by age fifty, perhaps this is a lot of radiation. So, what I'm doing is having Thermagraphy one or two years, then a mammo. Each place keeps my records. There is no radiation with Thermagraphy. If the Thermagraphy showed any changes or concerns, I would immediately get a mammogram. If I had a lump, I would immediately get a mammogram. I'm getting a test of some kind every year, but a mammogram only every two to three years. For me, it's all about being safe and reducing all around radiation exposure. Regular docs generally are not crazy about this idea, but I had one doctor under her breath whisper "it's brilliant,". She wasn't sure I heard her...but I did. It's a somewhat controversial and unique plan, although to my surprise I heard of a functional oncologist who is recommending this as well.


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I got results today. THey compared it to my last 3 mammograms and feel it is an enlarged lymph node. Chances are it is due to my psoriasis. It has been really bad lately and I am covered in sores from it. So nothing major to worry about, thankfully!! I wish we could do something about it, but the psoriasis doesn't respond to any medications that we have tried, and we have tried a LOT of medications for it. I have a case that is resistant and atypical, so the docs don't really have a clue what to do. Even the biologic medications don't work, and those were the 'last resort' medications according to my doctor.

So I will figure out how to live with this too. Thank you SO MUCH for all of the support! I really appreciate it!


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Speaking from my own experience, I'd probably feel better if that lymph node were removed and seen by a pathologist.

I went through this i992-93 with the top lymph node on the right side of my neck. Swelled up to the size of an egg, hard, hurt, and stuck to the skin.

I insisted it be removed. It went to several pathology labs with some saying it was cancer and some saying it wasn't, but they didn't know WHAT it was.

Finally, it was sent to Walter Reeds Infectious Diseases department. THEY identified it as being a granuloma due to infection with a fungus called nocardia.

I had to take some nasty antibiotics for several months, and have repeated scans of my lungs, but I was very lucky in that that top lymph node caught the fungi and wouldn't let them go any further.


As a cancer survivor - treated 7 times for non hodgkins lymphoma, I say the more diagnostic information that you have, the better

Wishing you a smooth ride