I have had it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Well my dad and son are very sick so yes,some sick people = grouchy people. Im no angel! Then add my son being off ADHD medications with his ODD and anger issues, plus my daughter and son refusing to get up and we have a appointment for my grandpa this morning/ Daughter has school son is home. Well its to the point I have to carry difficult child to the car not even dressed so we can take gpa to his appointment that we will be there a couple hours at least with son and dad waiting in car because my sons out of control and both are sick. Well.. my dad been bit$ING all morning so when I started to make comments and yes, I bit$%hed about how hard this will be, OMG!!!!! War!!!! The more he complained or got aggravated I did too!!! So ya, I kept saying I cant do this over and over he can say or do as he wishes but I cant!!!!

    I gave up up and told my grandpa he has to have his old caregiver take him, she said she cant because she has appointment. Well,, I told him just dad is taking him I refuse to be in car with him ( my dad) and with my son being in a bad sick mood. Well he got upset, said he reschedule and dad said no he cant it was rescheduled once already. Dad went down and they fought again! Gpa not going and now uggh!!!!!!!!!

    Unusual days like this I need a back up plan for a babysitter for my son - but who is on call to come at a whim? I think I just have to hire someone from 5am-12noon daily ( they get paid after school starts for nothing if son goes to school!!!) Just so I can have peace of mind that I dont have to drag my son places and I can go where I need to, appts and taking care of my grandpa. Even if I work, the same will apply. But if my son is home ALL day sick and I let the person go at 12pm and I have to work after that? Uggh!!! Thats maybe another reason I havent gotten hired when I did look ( like it worked out that way- I never told the potential employer about issues at home) But I need a job like last year or we will be homeless.

    *** another family member might come home soon but she said she cant help us out!!! Anyways so sorry again...
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    I'm sorry it sounds like a bunch of chaos at your house right now. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
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    Yikes! Mornings like that make me want to crawl back into bed and pull the covers up over my head. I hope today was a better day.
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    Thank you both! One day, my family and I will all have a better day ( hopefully a week or two at least ) at the same time! Well, that would be my lottery!
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    Sounds like a no good, awful, terrible day.