I jinxed it....kinda



I had posted that we had been meltdown free and jinxed it. Granted it was a relatively minor meltdown, but I could almost feel myself shutting down. Just felt instantly tired.

difficult child argues with me non-stop. Everyone says "oh, that's what kids do." I know that. I have a 15 year old easy child. I do know the difference between typical teen behavior and difficult child behavior. She argues absolutely everything. It's exhausting. She uses such a nasty tone of voice, she yells, and she doesn't stop. She goes on and on and on. If I try to ignore her, she becomes more angry. If I leave the room, she follows. If I tell her to leave the room, she screams and cries and stomps and slams doors and hits and kicks the doors and walls.

She was in this mode all day. After I took her and one of her friends to see Meet the Robinson's. I even let them get a drink and popcorn, which I hate to do cause it's so overpriced at the movie theaters. I finally left this evening and went walking with a friend and when I came home, difficult child was just as happy as a lark.


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It does seem as if we can jinx it by speaking of it sometimes.It's also amzing how fast their moods can change, isn't it?! I hate when that happens! I hope tomorrow is better.
I HATE it when people compare typical kids to difficult children :grrr:!!! If these same people were around our difficult children for one day, I'm sure they would NEVER do this again!!!

I think that you handled the situation well by taking some "ME" time in the evening. I'm sure you felt lots better after talking and getting some exercise with a friend! And it also gave difficult child time to cool down.

I hope today is a better day!!! :flower: WFEN

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Heather-I hope today is a better day-good for you for getting out for a bit with a friend. :flower:

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Heather - you've got to quit sharing the good stuff :rofl:

I know that sassy, defiant, everything is an argument, sense of entitlement, drama queen crap - living it here.

Would it help if we swapped out difficult children??? :hypnosis:

I hope today is better for you & difficult child.


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Ohhhhhhh, I know exactly what you mean. Sigh. :frown:
Glad you were able to go for a walk, anyway.
I've started telling difficult child that if he speaks to me in "that" tone of voice and argues he will be grounded... and I've found that it's a powerful tool when said right in front of the friend who will have to go home and pay the price.
So sometimes they CAN control it.

Sometimes difficult child doesn't think he's using a nasty tone of voice (and I know exactly what you mean by that, Heather), and if he can't figure it out, I tell him he's in Silent Time Out.
It just means he isn't allowed to talk. Period.
(Having been raised Catholic helps me with-ideas on occasion! ;))


At least she did finally calm down and it didn't evolve into her curled up in the corner of the landing sobbing, saying she hates her life and wishes she were dead. It's hard to tell sometimes which way these things are going to go.

I did tell her while her friend was here that if she didn't stop then her friend would have to go home. That doesn't phase her. Until after the fact anyway.

School starts back tomorrow, so meltdown free time is over anyway. This was really nothing compared to what she's capable of. :hypnosis: It just went on all day and I had really been enjoying the peace.

It was nice to get out of the house and walk. It was such a nice evening. But I'm paying for it today. I'm not supposed to be doing any kind of exercising yet because of the hematoma in my abdomen. But I was feeling so much better I thought it would be fine. I was mistaken. Sigh...


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Well I am sure it was your fault and you can't tell the difference between easy child's and g'sfg... pretty much everything is all your fault anyway!!! You are most likely too strict or not strict enough. DUH!!!

OOH that's a good one!!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I am totally kidding!!!!

I hate the I jinxed myself feeling... sending some good juju your way!!!