I know he is still Abusing

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    On Mother's Day my 30 yr old text me he would be here in a few that was at 3:30 he didn't show up until 6 o'clock then he comes in warning things like my dad's belt ....I lost my dad about seven years ago he also wanted His other popas hat ... whom passed away when he was 4 ... always wanting .. never about anyone but himself ! So of course we get into it ... This morning he calls me before 7 AM to tell me he is stranded with a flat tire so myself not trusting anything he says I go and look at the tire while he is away from that bike he could've gotten it to the gas station and get some air But he wants 2 new tires .. "We Owe Him "so he tells me he starving he's eating out of the dumpster he don't have anything to drink but yet he's not willing to put some fix a flat in his tires I am so tapped out I don't know what to do anymore... over a yr now
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    Sorry your so frustrated. He doesnt have to eat out of dumpsters, thats his choice. There are places to go for food. Maybe give him a list of shelters or halfway houses. Does he use drugs?
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    I am sorry to hear this. It is just so painful to hear they have nothing to eat isn't it? Our instinct is to look after them and fix things as we always have but I really get the feeling that as long as we do this they will rely on it! I am told daily that my sons situation is all my fault and "what sort of mother would allow her son to sleep in a bus shelter with no food, water or clean clothes"! I want to cry but it also makes me so angry. He had a choice!
    Thinking of you xx
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    Who tells you that. Your son? If its family members tell them they are free to invite him to stay with them. They wont but if they do they will gsin a new understanding.