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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Dec 16, 2012.

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    Or something because Buck seems to have learned manners or something. Maybe he is just laying low for the time being. Dont quite know whats up.

    I told him off about 3 weeks ago now I think and pretty much had to be completely in his face blunt with everything as if he was 2 instead of a 54 year old man but it seems to have worked. He doesnt come over without calling now and when he does come over he will stay in the yard until someone opens the door to let him in...lol.

    Today he came over to do some laundry and normally he would have stayed all day but Tony told him that he had to leave because Tony was going to out so he couldnt stay at the house. Buck left! He came back over at around 6 to get his clothes however he did decide to overstay his welcome a bit. I could tell he was trying to stay until my 8pm deadline but I had to tell him to get his stuff and leave at about 6:45 because Tony was falling asleep. I would have thought he would have noticed that and just got up and left.

    Tony had all the remaining teeth he had pulled on Friday and had false teeth put in so he has been in a bit of pain this weekend. He is on medication and in my opinion, overdoing it a bit trying to be tough. He is really sore at night so he is going to be even earlier than normal. I had to tell Buck to pack it up and leave because Tony was just flat exhausted. Buck was oblivious. I just put my foot down and said sometimes I had to look out for him even if he didnt know he needed it. Buck left. No argument.
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    Yay Janet! That's great! It's almost like dealing with our difficult child's. You have to be strict and tough at times or they don't "get it". Glad Buck finally got the hint and has been "behaving"!
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    Good! He sems like he's still trying to weasel back to overstaying, don't let up on that! Poor Tony, that must hurt.
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    Maybe buck knows Santa's watching??
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    Well it's about time Buck got the point. geez Glad he's behaving since Tony is already a handful having had his teeth pulled ect. Ouch! He picked the hard way to do it. Make certain he keeps going back until they get the fit perfect.

    Couldn't pay me to get it done that way. The old way was rough enough. I'm wincing in pain just thinking about what he's going through right now.
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    Lisa that was the only way they would do it here. He had to go to this place that is fairly cheap because he didnt have a lot of money and at first he got just a few teeth pulled at a time but the teeth he had left (15) were just so bad he couldnt handle it anymore. He had a pretty bad overbite and the one he had left on the bottom in the front was hitting up on the top in back of his front teeth because he was bucktoothed and it was hurting and cutting his upper palate. Then one on the side broke off. He just couldnt wait anymore.

    I was astounded that they pulled them and then made the cast all in one setting. Seemed really strange to me. Then they tell him these are just basic trial dentures and are only made to last about a year. After that he will have to come in and have a permanent set made. He has already had to cut on them himself with a dremel because they didnt make room for the place where his tongue is attached in the bottom of his mouth in the front and they were a little too deep in the bottom in the front on the bottoms. They fit better now. He says it feels like the upper palate feels strange but he thinks he can get used to it but he may have to whittle down the top of the uppers because they go too far up.

    I know I will have issues if they make mine that will only last a year because medicaid only lets you get a pair every 5 years. I cant just get a pair that lasts one year then have to do it over again in a year because of the way they want to do it. That is idiotic. Im going somewhere else. Hopefully they know better because they are in NC. I will be asking though. I do know one thing too. I will never be able to handle the palate the way his is. I have a huge gag reflex and will never be able to handle something that far back on the roof of my mouth. They will have to round mine out to fit more towards the front because if anything is that far back I wont be able to wear them. I might as well not even get them. His fit almost to the back of where his wisdom teeth went. No way I can do that. I would be throwing up.