I need a good shove and some bead rattling......


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cus I am going to the doctor today. I know that doesn't sound big but I haven't been to the doctor in 10 years or so......a long and embarassing story but i am anxious and afraid. In tears over this.

I am feeling physically awful...almost ER awful. But called the doctor on my insurance ID card and have an appointment this morning with the Nurse Practitioner.

People, I am cryign I am so anxious but truly fear my health shaky.......so

beads and good thoughts and a quick shove over there............

I hope I make it through this.!:anxious:


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Good thoughts being sent your way!! It will be ok- remember, the fear is worse than anything. Let us know how it goes.


call 911........call 911
Okay kiddo - I was where you are right now 2 months ago - and I am feeling SO much better today - so......

I am rolling up my sleeves
I am putting my hands on your back
I am leaning into you and.....
WOW you really don't want to go do you

PUSHING............(grunting) (pant) PUSHING....stops takes a break....:anxious:

Okay - lizzanne2 = (shakes a bead) You are there..;)

Now let us know how it goes - don't forget to take a list with all the stuff that is making you feel:faint: bad and how you feel - and let the NP know.

Then ask for tests - and report back here.

YOU CAN DO EEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!:tongue: good girl!

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I'm so glad you are pushing yourself to do this. I have similar feelings and am always amazed (when it is over), how well it went. No one has ever called me a faker, or told me I was stupid for waiting sooo long, they have always been kind and helpful. You aren't the only one to have these feelings and they probably understand that. Hope you get your health in control and feel better soon.


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So, thank you all--------

I am armed with some drugs to help the symptoms. O n eot help the vertigo that is either stand alone or perhaps caused by the sinus infection I probably have. Vertigo is just the oddest and most unsettling thing. No driving for a day or two.

The chest x ray was ordered and will be reviewed that might mean steroids and antibiotics.

She can prescribe for headaches as I need......... sleeoing as I need.

the NP didn't seem to the the very best but she was not judgemental and was reassuring.

I have another appointment scheduled and stuff to do...blood work and mammogram. (She intuitively stated that my stress would diminish after mammo seeing as the it has only been 14 months since my mom was diagnosed.)

Mostly, it is over. I can hopw to feel a little beeter right away and lots better as we move forward.

Lots of other things to do but thanks you all. taking care of me is the VERY hardest.

Thanks people.