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    information on cough variant asthma. Duckie's chest felt tight yesterday in gym after running three laps. She tried to tell the aide that her chest hurt, but the PE teacher cut her off before she could get across that her asthma might be kicking up. She didn't see the nurse.

    So I called the school nurse this morning and she said she would make sure Duckie's classroom teacher and all her specials teacher are aware of the diagnosis and the cough variant, rather than wheezing as a primary symptom.

    So Duckie comes homes and tells me that she thinks her teacher thinks she's faking because she was pulled aside and told that asthma is very serious and she shouldn't fake just to go to the nurse.

    I'm stopping in the school tomorrow so I'll ask the nurse how often Duckie comes to her office. Duckie told me that she been there once or twice since the school year started; I don't think that's excessive for as sick as she's been.

    So I'd like to get some information for her teacher, preferably a pamphlet, so that she can understand that this is potentially serious. And I'd like Duckie to see the nurse, even if she suspects Duckie is faking, and I will deal with Duckie if that becomes an issue. She's a teacher, not a nurse or doctor.

    The problem is that there isn't a lot of information. Sigh. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I would be furious! :angry-very: Doesn't the teacher know that she has asthma in her medical record? Isn't it up to the nurse to address any "faking" issues of students coming to her? OMG, that school would be in so much legal problems if something happens after Duckie was refused a trip to the nurse!

    I would want to SCREAM at the teacher, "Asthma is very serious! Yes, you know it because you told my Duckie it is serious. Then you should know that anyone with asthma must get the help needed when it comes on. Duckie KNOWS what her asthma is. She KNOWS when to go to the nurse. NEVER EVER question her request for medical help! PERIOD!"
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    TM, there are all kinds of asthma pamphlets available on the American Academy of Pediatrics website.

    When my daughter A was in public school, I had to fill out an Asthma Action Plan that was kept in the school nurse's office. You could create such a plan and share it with Duckie's teachers as well as the nurse.

    Hope you are able to make some headway with Duckie's school.
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    I'd be furious too. My difficult child gets coughs, not necessarily wheezing and the whole school knows it. In fact, she does use the inhaler as an excuse to get out of the classroom for a 'break' so I told the nurse to let her stay 30 sec and send her back up to the classroom cuz that's all she needs most days (she has to do a peak flow now b4 inhaler). But I'd never keep an inhaler away from difficult child if she says she needs it.

    i can't imagine ANYONE not letting her take asthma medications. Hope those websites help.
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    Our school has a special form for asthma medicines. EVERY teacher is told about the child's asthma, and the parent and DOCTOR write up what the symptoms are and what should be done about it. Even write in what the child should say, because different kids get different symptoms.

    ALSO, with Duckie's sensory issues she may have very different feelings that the normal expected ones. I mean she may tell the teacher about different feelings because her brain will interpret the signals differently. For example, thank you often doesn't feel tightness in his chest, he feels out of breath. So he will say he is out of breath because that is how his brain interprets the tightness in his chest.

    PLEASE have a talk with the teacher who told Duckie that she shouldn't fake asthma. TEll her to her face that Duckie has asthma and EVERY time she says that she needs to go to the nurse she should be allowed to go and should be believed. NO Exceptions. If faking starts to happen, then the nurse and Mom will deal with it. Tell that to the teacher directly. I HATE when people tell kids they are faking it. Esp when the kid has an illness.

    Sorry about this. I hope duckie doesnn't stop telling them when she has tightness in her chest. Gentle hugs to both of you.
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    Thanks ladies. I spoke to her classroom teacher today. It turns out she was upset with Duckie because she ended up sitting out the rest of gym rather than telling the PE teacher she should see the nurse. She felt one of Duckie's friends was angling to sit out with Duckie... so she told Duckie that if she needs to sit out then she needs to see the nurse; otherwise it might seem like Duckie was faking.

    Susie, I've now had Duckie role play with me how to tell her that her asthma is bothering her and she needs to see the nurse.
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    TM, my daughter had the same thing when she was in school. At certain times of the year her allergies and asthma would kick up and she'd be wheezing. And sometimes vigorous exercise would set it off and she'd be short of breath and having trouble breathing. They had PE teachers and coaches who were very big on having them run laps till they dropped and they didn't believe her when she told them she was having a problem. So our doctor wrote her a note, kept in the office, that said that she should be allowed to stop when SHE decided that she was having problems. That worked fine for a while and she never abused it, but then other kids started claiming that they had asthma too and wanted to be excused! Pretty soon the coach was making snarky remarks that there "sure was a lot of 'asthma' going around" and giving my daughter dirty looks!

    He's doing fine now. Once my size 9 shoe was surgically removed from his hiney, and after a long period of recuperation, he finally went back to coaching!
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    :rofl: FWIW, I don't blame the PE teacher for anything. Duckie had gym again today and he sent her right to the nurse for her inhaler after a few laps. She's mad at him, though, because he thought it best that she rest through the end of class and she missed out on a game. I doubt she'll go to the nurse unless necessary. :winks: