I need some input on this craziness


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I need some help. Quickly.
On Monday night, I called my son and he appeared to be drinking, the conversation was mostly one-sided(me). When he did answer, one sentence would be comprehensible, the next slurred and nonsense.
He finally hung up the phone..I panicked a bit. Husband told me that there was 'nothing that I could do'. So, I went to sleep after putting all son's calls/texts on 'silent'.

Next morning, yesterday...phone had nothing from him. He started texting me at around 8am. I think maybe he was up all night? Not sure. Here is some/most of what he texted me yesterday AM, each separate one, was its own separate text, so there were lots of them:

'I know your husbands everywhere......this is strictly between you and me......you stole my story.....I'm getting a cat today where do I get a kitten......Or should I get a dog or bird......Some women don't know they had the whole world right in front of their nose.....I didn't steal that story.....I don't think that's the difference between me & you.....I miss your constructive criticism I really do.....'

Then, I had a quiet day..until last night at 9pm. More texts. Strange, nonsense texts.

Here they are, most of them anyways, again, each one separated by ....'s, was separate, so they kept coming:

'glad you moved to the middle of butt f*ck nowhere....my story ain't right....and what's right is right....I pick from the tree...I want you to like it here....I wish we could stay here forever.....Why did you strangle me.....'

I wrote: 'you are saying crazy things, do you need medical help?' No response to that.

More continued from him: 'I love you please listen to this song right now (it was a song by Tool)....last song (he had texted me a song earlier to listen to, by Alice in Chains)....please trust me....'

I had to block him at that point, I could not take it anymore. I went to sleep, with quiet phone.

Woke up. Nothing until 12:17: 'being soulless cannot take place in physical form.....tell your husband I am the leader of what is right and wrong....think I did this to myself'

Funny thing is, he had a dental appointment today, at 12:45. I just called to see if he showed, and was told that the appointment was cancelled. I didn't cancel it, and it was still active on Monday. I'm thinking he called yesterday and canceled it. If he did, (he HAD to have) and he was texting me crazy stuff yesterday morning...and last night...in the middle of those timeframes, he must've been lucid enough to call and cancel an appointment? Right? WHAT could he be taking/drinking? Or is it all fake? To get a rise from me?

But, what drug would allow someone to be so clear in their writing/texts...no misspellings, no serious errors? Could someone be drunk out of their mind to be saying such craziness and still be able to write as such? PLEASE give me some opinions here?

I do not know what to do with these texts?! What would you guys do? I'd be scared to death to call him as when he's drunk on harsh liquors...he gets VERY mean on phone, saying horrid things. I'm scared to whack the beehive?

Should I block him on phone? These texts are VERY upsetting to me...I am creeped out beyond reason. What, do you guys think of those texts? I want to think he's intoxicated? Or, on some hallucinogenic drug?

PLEASE let me know what you think is up with him? Do you think he could literally be sober and saying those things to get a rise in me? As I think he can tell that I've detached....in past few wks? Sorry for repeating myself, but these texts have me very concerned, confused, creeped. I'm disgusted too, at the same time. Just disgusted.

Please give me some opinions on texts, that will give me some calming, to have some input.


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You can be quite out of it and still be "lucid" on some level.

The actual content? He's either on something, or in a mental health crisis. No matter what, this is not normal. I don't think he's just stringing you along.


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He sounds manic, I think he seriously needs to be checked into hospital for evaluation. I think it's a cry for help. A family member of husbands was in a manic mode and talked about God in crazy ways, talked about animals, then in middle would mention something entirely different for a topic. Found out she was bi-polar and was in a Manic mode.


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I dont think he is stringing you along either. I think he was higher than a kite. If he does not use drugs, perhaps he is having a psychotic episode.
None of us though can tell you what he meant. He was pretty much incoherant for some reason. I doubt he even sure he knows what he means.
He needs help. Not sure.drug rehab or drugs/alcohol AND mentsl health.
He sounds manic too but many drugs make people act manic. Speed of any type. Meth can cause psychosis. I think some substances are at least part of this although other stuff can also be going on.


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I agree with others he needs help. Do you know where he is? If you do I would call the police and tell them you are concerned about your son because he is sending you crazy texts and you would like a well being check done on him.

My son once overdosed on benedryl (which he took to get high) and it made him absolutely psychotic and he was making no sense. Calm but psychotic! We ended up calling 911 and having them take him to the hospital.


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I just spoke to him, he was screaming at me. He was very clear verbally, aside from the screaming. Then, after I asked him if he needed to be checked on, he hung up on me. And immediately texted me 'you don't threaten me stop reaching out'. I have called 911 numerous times on him since he was in early HS. One of those times, he got arrested. I will not be responsible for THAT again. I don't feel like calling 911 on a verbally clear person, is detaching. He has medicine for bipolar, which we're not 100% sure he is, but in any case...he refuses to take it.

Based on numerous different clues I've been pondering today, I think he's tripping on dxm, like he used to back in HS. He used to steal it from local drug stores, & it's a good replacement for alcohol-which he has no $ for. If I am right, this explains the 'Alice in Wonderland' Youtube video that he texted me to watch, on Sunday. People who trip like to watch psychedelic stuff like this video.

I am SO spent, emotionally. On one hand...'over it', on the other, can't let go.


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I think you should not take any calls or texts from him for a few days so you can keep your sanity. This isn't good for your health getting all stressed out and you're far away and there is nothing you can do. He sounds very berating and mean to you verbally and by text and you just really have to put an end to it and quit torturing yourself.

I am so much better out of sight/out of mind with my son. I just have to be that way or I'll go crazy and won't be able to function at all. Everyone on this CD tells us this so you have to try to do it. Hugs and prayers to you and to all of us.


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I agree, don't answer the phone and if you feel you can, block him for now; you can always unblock him. If he texts you will read it, hard to ignore. He is either tripping on something or playing head games with you- making you Sometimes you just have to walk away for a while and gather your own self when they go into these crazy modes.


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Sorry this is happening. Sounds like your options are

1. to contact authorities to do a wellness check if you know where he is,

2. Block his phone or

3. Keep getting texts and calls and have them drive you crazy with worry.

I hope you do what's best for you. There's no right and wrong in these situations, only doing the best you can and what you can live with.

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I was just going to ask if you thought he might be using DXM again. It certainly soundly like it.

I don't know what to tell you about what to do. If you block him you will worry, if you accept his texts/calls you will worry.

I'm sorry you are dealing with this. It is nerve wracking.


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I am sorry he is putting you through this. I agree with so many of the other comments. I would not answer any of this texts or calls. I would make it clear to him that he needs help and you are there to help him get it if he wants but that you will no longer listen to rants.

I know it's hard letting go, was the hardest thing in the world for me to do. But until you let go he isn't going to do for himself and you will just become more and more depressed.