I reached a PR in excercising!


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I reached a new personal record today. I rode the bike 8 miles :smile: and walked the treadmill for 2. That's 3 more miles than I usually do. I'm trying to get over this :censored2:, I haven't seen any movement on the scale for a week.



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way to go.i would not worry about what the scale says,as long as you no your doing good.i wish i had the will power but im just to tired to do any thing.keep up the good work. :bravo:


:bravo: Way To Go! Good for you!!!

I'm working up, per :doctor: very, very slowly. Treadmill is 4 minutes twice a day, then 5 minutes twice a day...you get the idea...so it'll be a while before I can compete with you. :wink: Not that this is a competition. :smile:


Nancy, Way To Go! I started exercising this week. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill (2 miles) Monday, Tuesday and today! My legs are sore, but I feel great. I'm hoping to keep it up.


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:bravo: Good for you. Hope the scale moves a little. I get really frustrated when it doesn't. Although I tend to lose, stop, lose. Sort of like a staircase. It's bound to move again.